Criscilla Anderson is a hip-hop dancer and a dance choreographer, one of the most famous ones in America at that. She is also an actress and a music video model

The article below tells you everything you need to know about Criscilla, her career, and her relationship with Coffey Anderson.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the different sources on the internet, Criscilla Anderson was born on 25 March 1980. That meant she was 40 years of age as of November 2020.

With her birthday on the 25th of March, her zodiac sign was Aries.

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Criscilla Anderson Wikipedia — Family, Early Life, Hometown

Coming to Criscilla’s family and early life. She was born as Criscilla Crossland in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. She spent her early life, and later most of her adult life, in her hometown, LA.

In her family, her mother, Rhonda Crossland (nee Bosworth) was a successful interior designer, wedding planner, and event coordinator. She owned and worked for Rhonda Crossland Designs.

The name of her father was not known. But Criscilla considered him a role model.

Apart from her parents, Criscilla also had a sister called Carisse in her family. Carisse was a fitness trainer and nutritional coach. She was married to a guy called Palani Mak.

Criscilla Anderson Cancer Update, Height, Weight

Criscilla Anderson stood at an average height of 5 ft 5 inches. It was not known exactly how much she weighed, but we looking at her figure, one could roughly estimate her weight to be around 55 kgs.

Her distinct features beautiful light blond hair, a pair of greyish blue eyes.

Furthermore, Criscilla was also suffering from level 4 colon cancer. Things started in 2018 when started to have stomach pains. At times, she did not think anything of it but symptoms got severe with time.

She went to visit doctors in 2019, but they also did not suspect cancer in the beginning. Later, they performed a colonoscopy and discovered a tumor in her colon. After that, Criscilla opted for holistic therapy and chemotherapy.

April 2020, Criscilla announced a cancer update. She shared the good news that her tumor was shrinking and had come down under the size of 5 mm.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Criscilla had a decent presence in social media, especially on Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, Criscilla was very active, sometimes even posting 2/3 posts in a day. Currently, she had 5216 posts and a total of 56.7k followers.

Similarly, on Facebook, where she was as frequent with her posts as on Instagram, if not more, she had almost 30k followers. On Twitter, her following was less, only a little over 3k.

Apart from the three major social media platforms, Criscilla was also present in Tiktok. On Tiktok, she had 4k followers and 21. ( 3k likes.

Criscilla Anderson Net Worth, Job, Career

Criscilla Anderson is one of the most popular hip-hop dancers and sought-after choreographers in Hollywood. In her dancing career, she had worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and the list goes on and on.

Apart from her primary job as a dancer and choreographer, she is also an actress. She had appeared in movies like Alvin & Chipmunks, Hanna Montana the movie, The Jay Leno Show. Furthermore, she had also appeared as a model in ads for Diet Coke, Reebok Classic, Burger King, etc.

Criscilla appeared in her own reality series called Country Ever After. The show premiered on 6 November 2020 on Netflix. It chronicles the lives of Criscilla and her husband during their struggle against her colon cancer.

As of 2020, Criscilla Anderson’s net worth was estimated to be around $450 thousand.

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Criscilla Anderson & Coffey: Dating, Wedding, Kids

On the romantic front, Criscilla is married to country singer Coffey Anderson. Coffey is famous for his interactive stage performances, and Youtube videos of live covers and originals. He had one eponymous album under his belt, released in 2010.

Their love started in a church, with the help of their shared faith for God. When they first started dating, Coffey and Criscilla were as different as two people could be.

Criscilla was a hip-hop dancer and had her feet in the commercial show-biz. Coffey, on the other hand, was an old-school country singer, wary of big music labels, and invested in his own music. But despite their differences, they not only started dating but eventually got married.

After about a year of dating, they married each other in a beautiful wedding on Valentine’s day, 2009, in front of friends and family members. Since their wedding, the two had had three kids of her own.

The eldest kid, a son, Ethan Coffey-David Anderson, was born in 2011. Then the two daughters, Emmarie Grace-Gloria and Everliegh, were born in 2013 and 2017 respectively. Apart from their three kids, Criscilla also had a step-daughter, Savannah Jean, from Coffey’s previous marriage.


Criscilla Anderson and her husband with their four kids circa July 2020 (PC: Criscilla’s IG)

Currently, Criscilla lived with her husband and kids in Los Angeles, California.

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