What is interesting about a bunch of twenty-somethings cooped up in a house in Montauk, Long Island? Well, as Bravo cable network’s Summer House has proved, plenty.

For the happiness hoarders, there are fluffy smooth sailings of love and friendship. For those who need that rush of thrill in their veins, there are the not-so-smooth twists and turns and the massive complications natural (well, mostly) to human relationships.

The cast of Summer House is well adept at entertaining the people, and Amanda Batula is right in the middle of it. Read the article below for some wikis about Amanda Batula.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Education

Amanda Batula was born on 24 July 1991 in New Jersey, which meant she celebrated her 29th birthday in 2020.

Amanda grew up in Somerset Country in New Jersey and went on to get her high school education from Hillsborough County High School. She later went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Communication design from the University of Connecticut.

For those looking for some juicy wiki: Amanda was in Delta Gamma Sorority while at college.

Amanda Batula Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Growing up, Amanda Batula’s family consisted of her parents: Frank Batula and Donna Batula, as well as her only sibling, Frank Batula Jr. Amanda was quite close to her brother while they grew up and attended school together.

Amanda regularly shared photos of her parents on her social media. Her father, Frank hails from Manville, New Jersey. He was reportedly born on 16th May 1961. Meanwhile, Amanda’s mother was born on 11th August 1963.

Amanda’s brother, Frank Jr. attended Villanova University. He also went to Hillsborough High School.

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss, Height, Surgery

In 2020, Amanda Batula revealed she lost 15 to 20 pounds since joining the cast of Summer House. Admittedly, the interior designer was down to the weight that she was in college. Amanda, who isn’t a big fan of the gym, credited “intermittent fasting and Bulletproof [coffee] and cutting out all sugar and carbs” for the weight loss.

For the job she is currently holding, i.e. playing the heartstrings of numerous viewers, Amanda is perfect with her penchant for drama, and hotness. Amanda hits all the right measurements that make her a hotshot and one of the centers of Summer House drama.

Amanda Batula is a little short of height at 5 feet 2 inches but she makes that up with her grace and style and perfect body. With the level of hotness she posses, people often wonder if she had ever had any surgeries to enhance her beauty. (Xanax Online)

It turned out Amanda is naturally beautiful and does not need any type of beauty enhancement surgery. However, she is all for the surgery, should anyone want it.

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Is She On Instagram?

Yes, she is on Instagram. As of Feb 2021, some 351 thousand people followed him on the platform.

Amanda Batula Job, Net Worth, Summer House

While Summer House had certainly stacked her $500 thousand and growing net worth, Amanda’s actual career lied in design and branding. From her college days at The University of Connecticut, she was interested in design works as her degree in Communication suggests. She also worked as a graphic designer for a school magazine called The Daily Campus.

After completing her education, Amanda did design jobs for companies like FENIX, L’Occitane, etc. Currently, she was in the hard tea business with her beloved Kyle Cooke (we’ll come to that). The couple’s brand name is Loverboy.

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Amanda Batula & Kyle Cooke — Engagement, Wedding, Split

With everything said and done about Kyle Cooke (read about him here) and Amanda Batula there is nothing left to say but to say a little more about them–together.

The electricity (one of the electricities, at least) that sustained Summer House for four seasons is the topsy-turvy relationship of Kyle and Amanda. The on-again-off-again relationship began in 2015 and went on for over four years.

A significant part of their 2017-onwards relationship was shown in the Summer House. It was in the Summer House that many followers of their relationship came to know that the couple had engaged in September 2018.

On the following days, there seemed to be a lot of excitement for the impending wedding. In an interview, Amanda conceded that she had decided that the location was going to be somewhere on the east coast. She also said that the wedding was going to be a big one.


Amanda Batula with her fiance Kyle Cooke practicing social distancing with others while remaining close to each other circa March 2020 (PC: Amanda’s IG)

However, it was Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke, and it was the Summer House dramatics, there was still one last twist. On 17th March 2020, a sneak-peek from an upcoming episode of Summer House was released. In the footage, Kyle Cooke and his fiancee Amanda Batula were shown engaging in a war of words.

After a night of partying, Kyle arrives home. An unhappy Amanda confronts him. As they throw jabs at one another, Kyle storms out of the house and to the backyard. The argument, however, doesn’t end there. Whilst in the backyard Kyle rants about their non-existent sex life, Amanda confronts him once again. (Diazepam) When Amanda asks if he wants them to split, Kyle reacts positively. The suspense! Amanda’s Instagram, however, did not have any clues whether the couple did split or not. The suspense continued.

By February 2021, Amanda and Kyle had reconciled. The couple even celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting heartwarming messages on social media. Earlier that month, the couple had provided an update on their wedding stating they have a date.

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