Arón Piper — an actor, singer-songwriter, and rapper by profession — was mostly celebrated by his Spanish fandoms until Netflix’s teen drama TV series, Élite happened to him, and he landed global fame as well.

Having done lesser-known roles in movies Maktub (2011), 15 Años y un día (2013), and La Corona Partida (The Broken Crown) (2016), Aron was offered one of the main characters, Ander Muñoz on Netflix’s Spanish language drama, Élite back in 2018.

In addition to the good script and more than friendly cast and crews what surprised him the most about Élite was who the fans of the TV show were. And, they were none other than the soccer players Neymar and Marcello, singers Ricky Martin and Frank Ocean, and the actor-director, Carlos Vermut, to name a few.

Well, now let us get to know Arón Piper a bit more — from his wiki, bio, movies, and TV shows to his dating life and net worth!

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Arón Piper’s Bio — Age, Birthday, Nationality

Arón Piper was born with the birth name ‘Aarón Julio Manuel Piper Barber’ in 1997 in Berlin, Germany.

Age 23 as of the year 2020, Arón grew up celebrating his birthday every year on 29th March. And, although born in Germany, he held Spanish nationality.

Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Arón Piper is of Spanish descent on his maternal side and German on his paternal side of the family. As a result, he embraced a mixed Hispanic and White ethnicity.

Arón had a tattoo lettered “M” which symbolized his parents. Plus, he had another inking — a crying heart with the meaning — “how much crying helped him in life.”

Meanwhile, the fact that whether he is an only child or grew alongside his sibling(s) remained a mystery.

Growing up, Arón idolized the Australian actor Robert Downey Jr.

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Height, Weight, Social Media Reach

Arón Piper stands at a height of 6 feet and 1 inch. Also, his weight was reported to be somewhere around 76 Kg (167.5 lbs).

Likewise, up until May 2020, he had 11.7 million followers on his Instagram account and 411.7K followers on his Twitter.

A fashionable man, Arón loved residing by the body of water. Besides uploading photos of self from pools and beaches, he also shared fan art on his IG.

Is Arón Piper Gay? Partner Info

Arón Piper played an openly gay character, who falls for Nadia (Mina El Hammani)’s brother — portrayed by Omar Ayuso — in Élite.

Thus, having adored the onscreen chemistry between the male-actors, the fans could not help but wonder if both of them were gay and in love, even in real life.

However, neither Aron nor Omar ever spoke up publicly about their sexuality, as of late-March 2020. Although, the alleged-couple admitted to having no idea that their screen-romance would leave such an impact.

Omar stated

“Kissing someone I can’t stand would be unbearable. We imagined that we would like our storyline, but we didn’t imagine that it would cause so much of an impact.”

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Dating, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

Arón Piper was rumored to be dating Omar Ayuso, and the speculations were not just based on their screen-romance and but also on their occasional hang-outs in real life.


Arón Piper and rumored-partner Omar Ayuso on 31 AUGUST 2019 (Pic: Arón’s IG)

But the matter remained at such and no further updates on their seeming-relationship were heard of.

Also, never had Arón been spotted claiming some lady as his girlfriend. 

Movies & TV Shows, Net Worth, Music

Represented by Garay Talent in Madrid, Spain, Arón Piper starred in the TV shows— Centro Médico, Derecho a soñar, and El desorden que dejas.

Meanwhile, as a musician, the Film and Drama grad released music online, under the stage name “Dee Jay Paradox”. Some of his notable songs included In The Rain, Missing You, Despertar, Warriorz, and Cenit.

More so, based on online sources such as Wikipedia, Google Search, and Yahoo search, Arón’s net worth was estimated at $ USD 1 million in early 2020. Perhaps, a Ferrari that he owned was the actor’s measure of wealth.

In April 2020, Arón was featured on the latest Lactose underwear campaign. Also that month, he drew attention after his supporters and the fans of actor Zac Efron became involved in a Twitter feud over their attractiveness.

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