We are all fascinated by the daredevils who fight against the brutality of the wilderness with their bare hands. One of these daredevils is Jacob Landry, who earned his name and fame as an alligator hunter in the swamps of Louisiana.

While Jacob’s alligator hunting life is portrayed in History Channel’s reality series Swamp People, this article concerns the personal nitty-gritty of his life. Read along.

How Old Is He?

Our sources tell us: 37 years old. Jacob Landry was born on 27 December 1983.

Also, having his birthday on the 27th of December, Jacob was assigned the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

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Jacob Landry Wikipedia — Parents, Siblings

Like Jacob, the entire Laundry family was alligator hunters. His father, Troy Landry, was a famous alligator hunter, who taught his kids the trade of alligator hunting. In fact, the Landry family had been fishermen for generations.

His mother, Benita Landry, was actually a teller for Paterson State Bank. Although she was not a hunter herself, she supported the profession of her husband and her son wholeheartedly. His parents married each other in September 1981.

Talking about Mrs. Landry’s sons, Jacob had two siblings, both brothers, by the names Brandon and Chase. Brandon was actually his step-sibling. And among his siblings, Chase was also an alligator hunter, whereas Brandon chose a different path of a businessman.

Jacob Landry Height

Jacob Landry was a man of rather short but still bulky stature. He stood at a height of 5 ft 8 inches, whereas weighted over 86 kgs.

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Is He On Facebook & Instagram?

Yes, and no. Jacob Landry is on Facebook. He has a Facebook page with 730k followers. He is not really present on Instagram, but there were a lot of tags of him, most of which were concerning hunting.

Jacob is also on Twitter, by the way. His Twitter handle had 25.2k followers.

Jacob Landry Net Worth, Salary, Swamp People

Like we said earlier, Jacob earned his name and fame from the History channel’s reality television series Swamp People. Swamp People follows several alligator hunters working in the swamps of Louisiana.

Jacob was one of the original cast members of the first season, which aired in August 2010. By 2021. it had been over 10 years and 12 seasons, and Jacob was still an integral part of the show. In fact, in season 12, Jacob had become the captain of the second ship owned by the Landry family.

Furthermore, by his 12th season, Jacob Landry had started to earn over $25 thousand per episode. And his net worth, by February 2021, was over $650 thousand.

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About Jacob Landry Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Jacob Landry is not the alligator hunter for the Television show only. He is actually a hunter, a fisherman, and a shrimper. And he is also a part of the fish, shrimp, and seasonally alligator business of the Landry family.

However, Jacob is also a filmmaker, an amateur one at least. In 2013, he actually acted in a movie called The Queen Latifa Show. And then a few years later, he worked as an Assistant Director in a movie called Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead.

Jacob Landry Wife, Kids, Married Life

Jacob Landry is married to his wife Lyndsi Landry. Before becoming his wife, Lyndsi was his long time girlfriend. We do not know when and where the two of them met exactly, but they have been together for almost a decade and a half.

After dating for a few years, Jacob and Lyndsi got engaged in 2008. And after enjoying a year-long engagement, they married each other on 7 August 2009. It was a beautiful white wedding. (

The next milestone came in 2011 when Lyndsi gave birth to the first of their kids. It was a baby boy who they named Ridge Adam Landry. The second of their kids, another boy by the name Kase Landry, was born in June of 2015.


Jacob Landry with his wife and two kids, Ride and Kase (PC:

Both of his kids are very daring. Of course, Jacob is raising them to be an alligator hunter like him. He has already trained the nine-year-old Ridge to shoot guns. Also, he has even taken the young Ridge on his hunting trips.

On the other hand, Jacob’s wife Lyndi was also involved in the alligator trade. Although she never went on hunting trips, she conducted the business. If anyone wanted to do business with the Landrys regarding fishes, shrimps, or alligators, they would have to deal with Lyndsi.

Everything aside, Jacob was living a happy and meaningful life with his wife and two kids.

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