The pandemic of COVID-19’s impact wasn’t just on the political and economic front but also on the personal lives of people. It disrupted married lives, to-be-married lives, and unmarried but like-married lives.

Jill Martin, the famous NBC‘s The Today Show feature, was doing great in both personal and professional front until the ugly head of pandemic appeared. Not only did the pandemic affected her professional life as a journalist but also her personal life.

Before going into how the pandemic ruined Jill Martin’s life, we shall visit her life before the pandemic. Before the pandemic, Jill Martin was involved with Erik Brooks. In the article that follows, we shall talk about Erik Brooks and the kind of relationship Jill had with him.

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Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Education

First, let’s get the formalities over with. Unlike Jill, Erik did not have a showbiz background. So, most of his personal life was well hidden from the media.

However, from what could be gathered, Erik’s parents lived in Florida and he had grown up with a sister. And the entire family of Erik was very close to Jill. More often than not, they made their responsibility to be present for her big moments.

Bio, Age, Birthday

As of 2020, Jill Martin was 44 years of age, and Erik was a little older than her. Although the exact birthday of Erik was not known, from what could be gathered from different sources, he was born in the late 1960s, most probably around 1967.

Erik Brooks Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Erik Brooks stands quite tall at a height of well over 6 feet. Despite being past 50 years of age, Erik was very fit and had a very normal weight.

One of the most distinctive features of Erik was that he had a very handsome face with a wide forehead and a bit narrow cheeks.

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Erik Brooks Net Worth, Salary, Job

Jill Martin was famous and very successful in her career but she wasn’t the most successful person in the relationship. Erik Brooks was one of the finest businessmen and investment consultants in the US.

Erik’s high-flying career started with attending Harvard Bussiness School for his graduate studies, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Previously, he had gone on to study at Brown University, another high-profile university.

When it came to Erik’s achievements, there were countless. First, he was the managing partner at Abry Partners, a reputed investment firm. Then, he left the firm to start his company Ethos Capital, for which he served as the founding CEO.

Moreover, Erik also served on the Board of Advisors of Shorenstein Center on Media, and Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University, and many other policy advising boards and think-tanks.

All of Erik’s jobs were high-paying and thus his net worth by May of 2020 was found to be well over $10 million.

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Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter

Erik Brooks was not on social media. He chose to abstain from the entertaining distraction of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Erik Brooks First Wife, Divorce, Kids

Before starting to date Jill, Erik was married to someone else. While the actual name of his first wife was not known, Erik had three kids from his first marriage.

Erik’s eldest is a daughter named Bella. All three of Erik’s kids got along quite well with Jill.

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Erik Brooks & Jill Martin: Dating, Engaged, Split

Jill and Erik met each other in difficult times for them both. Jill was over forty and without any sight of love entering her life; Erik was divorced and aging. However, when the two of them met through online dating, there was no doubt about the sparks flying.

The couple first met in 2017 and after dating for a couple of years, Erik proposed to Jill in May 2019 on a beach in Hamptons.


Erik Brooks proposing to his then-girlfriend Jill Martin (PC:

The entire family of both Jill and Erik were present to celebrate the engaged couple.

The happiness was at its peak during mid-2019.


Erik Brooks and his ex-fiance Jill Martin after getting engaged circa May 2019 (PC:

Then 2020 arrived, and with it the pandemic. Stuck together during the lockdown, with no other people as buffers, the nerves and resentment started to brew.

Then, Erik moved to Boston (Jill and Erik were in New York) to be with his kids. Of course, now the distance became the issue. Eventually, in May of 2020, after almost a year of being engaged, Jill and Erik separated, ending their engagement. (

Talking about the separation, Jill seemed to blame the situation more than Erik. So, there was a little hint that the couple might get together once the pandemic was over and simpler times returned.

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