David Bowie was probably one of the biggest music acts of his time. Iman was a super-model, whose fame and influence in the fashion industry were unparalleled. So, of course, the union of two of them was probably the most celebrated relationship in showbiz — and their daughter was among the highest-profile celebrity children.

David Bowie and Iman were married for 24 years until the death of the legendary singer-songwriter. During their marriage, the couple had a daughter, Lexi Jones.

Read the article below about the celebrity child, interesting wikis about her, and what she is doing currently.

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Bio — Age, Birthday Zodiac

David Bowie and Iman had married in 1992 but it wasn’t until 2000 that their first (and only) child was born. It was on 15 August 2000, that Lexi Jones was born Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Lexi turned 19 years of age on her birthday in 2019. Lexi’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Lexi Jones Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

The information about Lexi’s parents probably wasn’t a surprise, what with their name and fame. David Bowie was of British ethnicity and Iman was of Somali. So, Lexi had a mixed ethnicity: half-British, and half-Somali. However, she lived in New York and thus was of American nationality.

Lexi was the only child of David Bowie and Iman. However, she had two half-siblings from the previous marriages of her parents. David Bowie was previously married to Angie Barnett, with whom he had one son, Duncan Jones. Similarly, before David Bowie, Iman was married to Spencer Haywood, with whom she had a daughter, Zulekha Haywood.

Lexi Jones Height, Weight, Measurements

Lexi stood tall for a woman her age at the height of over 5 feet 7 inches. Not only was Lexi tall but very fit too, with the proper weight of 59 kg.

At the age of 19, Lexi had grown as curvaceous as her mother at her prime, with the bodily measurements of 34-27-36 inches.

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Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, FB

Lexi Jones’ Instagram reach was very strong by the time this article was written, with over 54k followers. On Instagram, Lexi occasionally came with photos of family and friends who shared them with her followers. She also used to share her love of the Beatles quite frequently.

Lexi had an additional Instagram account for her artwork.

Lexi Jones Net Worth, Job, Art

Talking about her artwork, Lexi was very good at sketches and design. For her artwork alone, she had a separate dedicated Instagram account with over 6k followers.


Lexi’s Jones Art Project (PC: Lexi’s dedicated IG)

From her Instagram, it could be seen that her interest in art lied in the erotic, absurdist, post-modern brand of art.

Lexi was the heir to the massive net worth of both of her parents. David Bowie, being the international superstar with multiple platinum albums and over a million records sale, had garnered the net worth of almost a quarter of a billion dollars, $230 million to be precise. Similarly, Lexi’s supermodel mother, Iman had her own $100 million worth of net worth.

Combined, Lexi is the heir to over $300 million. With the amount she was directly inheriting, she need not have a job all her life.

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Lexi Jones Boyfriend, Dating

One of the most amazing things about Lexi, especially for a nineteen years old, was that she controlled what the public knew about her. She wasn’t a total recluse in the veins of J.D. Sallinger, neither did she live her life in front of the media and public attention.

Lexi fed the public information about her that she wanted them to know and kept that she didn’t want them to know. For example, she was quite open about her love for her parents (and for the Beatles). When her father died, she got a tattoo in his remembrance and let the public know about it.

On the other hand, she kept her dating life private. Once she did a post about her boyfriend and how funny he was but soon she removed that post. Of course, there was no name on the said post. So, the name of the mystery boyfriend remained unknown.

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