Crazy Uncle Vince is a name that was on the rise over TikTok in September 2020.

While TikTok might be dominated by the younger generations, Crazy Uncle Vince regardless of his age, found a home over the platform.

As of September 2020, his TikTok account amassed over 218K followers, and his bio read,

He might have started like everyone else, with lip-sync videos but as his fanbase grew, he mostly posted viewers focused content — giving shoutouts, thanking them, and spreading positivity.

Let’s take a deeper look at his personal life as we move along with this Crazy Uncle Vince wiki.

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Crazy Uncle Vince Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Crazy Uncle Vince passed 50 years of age a long time ago.

Information on his birthday wasn’t available, so his zodiac couldn’t be established.

Though the old man didn’t share his own-birthday, he would reach out to his fans to wish them theirs. It only shows how dedicated he was, towards his followers.

Nationality, Family, Early Life

Born in a Caucasian family, Crazy Uncle Vince holds an American nationality.

Also, none of his family appeared over his TikTok.

He was the type of guy to keep things private. As for his real name, all he shared was his first name is Vincent.

Talking about his early life, he has always been a peace lover. His desire for love and harmony took on the form of painting which he often posted over TikTok.

Also, he sold his paintings online. Reportedly, he sold one of his paintings entitled “Love 1 World” for $175.

Apart from this, he has stood up against Islamaphobia over TikTok.

And a gay man himself, Vince inspired others who recently or had still to come out of the closet. For those feeling down, his advice was; take time and accept who you are.

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Crazy Uncle Vince Height, Weight

Crazy Uncle Vince is a handsome bald guy who stands above the height of 6 feet 1 inch (185.42 cm) and weighs under 95 kg (209.43 lbs).

To keep himself healthy, he ate vegan 2-4 times a week. Also, he liked to call himself “Veganovore” (Vegan + Carnivore).

Crazy Uncle Apology, N-Word, What Happened?

Amongst the many online streamers to fall victim to the N-word slip, it was now Crazy Uncle Vince’s turn.

However, it wasn’t his fault that he used the N-word. He claimed that he was “tricked” into saying the word while he was making a video in August 2020.

His followers immediately called him out after the incident and when he realized his mistake, Crazy Uncle Vince removed the video asap.

Following the matter, he posted a few apology videos where he panicked and hoped his followers could forgive him. He even added that he took full responsibility and was ready to delete his TikTok account.

Though many were very understanding of the situation, some fans remained unhindered by the apology.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook

As of September 2020, Crazy Uncle Vince wasn’t on Instagram neither Facebook.

However, he may have other accounts under his real name.

Crazy Uncle Vince Job, Net Worth, Education

Crazy Uncle Vince’s net worth wasn’t revealed as of 2020.

Talking about his job, he seemed to have taken his TikTok fame seriously. He was earning through his Gofundme page and selling his paintings online.

Before TikTok, he worked with LARC deaf clients and Jobsmarts in Illinois county Florida from 1993 to 1999.

However, the guy seemed wealthy. He once took it to TikTok to flaunt off his watches. Though the purpose might be for humor; he did seem to have 6 different watches.

Did u know that man could sing pretty good as well? He once made a compilation of his fans geeking over his follows and sang over the background of the video.

Details on his education will soon be updated.

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Crazy Uncle Vince Gay, Partner, Married

Crazy Uncle Vince is an openly gay man who liked to wear dresses and makeups. Over some of his TikTok videos, he appeared like a queen he is.

And if you are his TikTok fan, then you should already know that his husband is plenty rich. Also, he once confessed that he used his husband’s walled instead of his.

For those of you who don’t know, Crazy Uncle Vince is a married man. He rarely talked about his partner, Daniel who he referred to as “Danny”.

On 6th September 2020, he took it to TikTok to share that he was feeling small and missed Danny.

We may see Crazy Uncle Vince’s partner soon over his TikTok.

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