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FlightReacts is a renowned face in the gaming and vlogging world of YouTube. He is most viewed on his basketball reaction videos and gaming contents— including both real-life and esports play.

He is been on the scene since 2015 and hyped popularity in June 2020 whereupon he posted a video of himself competing in a 1v1 basketball game that hit No. 1 on YouTube’s trending tab. The same day, he streamed himself playing NBA 2K on Twitch for three hours, gaining over 77K concurrent viewers.

Not to mention, the very month, the hashtag #FlightReacts accumulated over 1 billion TikTok views.

In the writing below continue reading about his acquisition, net worth, and bits on personal life.

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FlightReacts Wiki

FlightReactions whose real name is Kimani White got his name as such from his friends because Kimani was always high from smoking weed.

He was born Clarence Javelli to his parents who though are very supportive of him chose to stay away from the limelight. His father worked as a wedding photographer and his mother is a homemaker.

FlightReacts has an only sibling (a sister) and with her, he shares a very close bond.

He grew up celebrating his birthday every year on 7th August and became 25 years of age in 2020.

The social media influencer, who now stands to a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, was born in Washington, D.C., and later relocated to Florida with his family.

How Much Is FlightReacts Net Worth?

No doubt, there are many outlets out there, reporting on the net worth accomplished by FlightReacts who happens to be one of the most-followed Black creators on Twitch. Although one or two of them had quite the contradicting answers, it is safe to say, FlightReacts, as of the time of this writing, safely tucked in over $1 million worth fortune.

More to it, per SOCIAL BLADE, he earned an estimated $3K – $47.4K each month and an estimated $35.6K – $569.1K every year.

Most lately (July of 2020) saw him shake hands with the UTA. UTA signed the NBA 2K gamer and will be representing him globally in all areas of his career, including expanding his digital presence and pursuing news and broadcasting opportunities, in the days to come.

The new development is considered a career milestone for FlightReacts who already enjoyed an awing YouTube presence, with over 6.3 million followers across two channels— NotYourAverageFlight and FlightReacts.

However, his affiliation with UTA did not stop him from continuing to be managed by Eric O’Connor, Dimitri Hurt, and Luis Arellano of MPM Partners, and represented by attorneys O’Connor & Hurt, PC.

Outside of all these, one can also reach his merch store, through his official website, to purchase T-shirts ($25) and hoodies ($45) with all kinds of designs and patterns imprinted on them.

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Who Is FlightReacts Baby Mama?

The wait is finally over because this time, FlightReacts is really talking about his romance life.

Believe us, when we say he had a lot to share on his YouTube summer vlog of 2020. Dated Sept. 7 the video did contain never-before-revealed scoops and some exciting news.

With a clickbait title “We Are Expecting” attached to it, people looking forward to the updates on his personal life could not unsee the vlog.

FlightReacts let everyone know that he is expecting his first child with a mystery lady named Janet. Although, even in his past videos, he did discuss having a crush on this girl “that was in my videos before”.”My crush…”— every once in a while, he mentioned.

FlightReacts-Babymama-Net Worth-Height-Real-Name-2020

FlightReacts and his baby mama are expecting! (PIC: YouTube)

And now, he finally shared some insight about the woman he is expanding his family with.

Never before, his 2.7 million subscribers, knew anything about the love of his life. Circa 2019’s beginning, he had said something about a conscious decision in regards to keeping his dating life offline.

Based on his latest admission, one can say FlightReacts is more than serious about his relationship.”She can’t leave me alone. I can’t leave her alone,” he confessed with a smirk. Just at the moment, he mentioned that he was forging a relationship with Janet since 2019.

As of the release of this video, the pair did not know the gender of their three-months-old baby bump.

“We’re expecting. We don’t know the gender yet,” he said in the video, before adding that Janet was three months pregnant.

In the later part of the video, Janet introduced herself and discussed her thoughts on becoming a mother.

Further, at the time, not much beyond was known about FlightReacts’s baby mama, including her last name.

Just maybe, there are more episodes to follow about Janet in FlightReacts’s channel.

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