Acid Princess joined TikTok in 2019. By the start of 2020, she had accumulated a respectable following on the video-sharing format.

In the article below, we dissect the wikis related to the young social media star. Furthermore, follow along and learn about her age, parents, if she overdosed, and said the N-Word.

Acid Princess Wiki — Age, Parents, Real Name

Acid Princess was born to her anonymous parents as Kayla Strong. Besides her real name, she successfully hid the details about her family including her siblings.

When Kayla first popped up on TikTok, she was still in high school. And according to a April 2020 article, she was 16 years of age.

Concerning height, Kayla stood no taller than five feet and six inches in stature. Additionally, she should maintain a 55 kg weight.

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Did Acid Princess Overdose?

Reportedly, Acid Princess first earned 15 minutes of fame by recording a video of her popping LSD. A YouTube video showcased Kayla holding a tab of acid on her tongue and goofing around while music played in the background.

The said TikTok video became a catalyst for Kayla’s success. Over time, she garnered 60k followers before deleting the app.

When Kayla discarded her TikTok handle, many speculated that she died of a drug overdose. However, she had an entire reason to stay off the app.

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Acid Princess Saying The “N-Word”

The cracks in Acid Princess’s popularity began to show when a video of saying the N-Word surfaced. In other instances, she was recorded mouthing the N-Word while singing rap songs.

When people on the internet shared their anger over her behavior, Kayla opted not to apologize. Instead, she “canceled” herself and deleted TikTok.

Is She Active On Instagram?

Even though Acid Princess was no longer available on TikTok, she seemed active on Instagram. Operating under the username @kaylastrong_, she had amassed 60k followers by April 2020.

One glance at her posts and it became evident that Kayla wasn’t dating anyone. However, many predicted that she had a boyfriend but refrained from sharing him.

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