Braden Smith earned several accolades after he started being active on TikTok and Instagram, but he became best known as a real-life Iron Man. He created a few weapons and armors which resembled the one that Tony Stark uses on the movie.

The prototype he created earned him thousands of followers on social media accounts, making him some kind of celebrity. As most part of his life still remains a mystery, this wiki-article attempts on exploring those fronts.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

At the time of penning this wiki on Braden’s life (2020), he was 18 years old. And his bio on the Instagram account supported the fact.

However, Braden is yet to explore in-depth details on his birthday. But of the lack of relevant information, his zodiac sign and age remains a mystery.

Braden Smith Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Nationality

Braden Smith was born to his unnamed parents in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As his social media account suggested, his parents are allegedly divorced and he lives with his mom. Following that, his father apparently got married to his second wife in October of 2018.

But, his parents might’ve had an agreement on co-parenting their kids. More into his siblings, he has at least one younger sister.

Braden Smith Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Soon after Braden smith’s video went viral on the internet, he received compliments for being actor Tom Holland’s look alike. The more he grew over the years, he started showing an uncanny resemblance of the actor which turned out to be his distinct features.

More on his physical appearance, Braden Smith stands at a height little above 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) while he weighed 58 kilograms (127 lbs) at the time of this writing.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube

Soon after Braden Smith gained prominence as “Tom Holland as Iron Man” his social media followers increased with time. His Instagram account boasts a total of 18k followers.

Likewise, his TikTok account displays a thriving growth. He has a total of 828.1k followers while he gaining 13.9 million likes for his videos.

In the same way, Braden also expanded his reach with an eponymous YouTube channel with 43.7k subscribers.

Braden Smith Job, Education, Net Worth

As a young boy with love for superheroes, he grew up on Marvel’s superhero movies including Toby Maguire’s spiderman. He even credited the movie for bestowing the inspiration to do what he does best today.

The readymade mask and costume weren’t enough for Braden to captivate his imaginative mind and pro-active nature. Soon after he proceeded into his teens, he started creating prototypes.

With a dream of creating items from the movies and make it real as close as he could. Braden started his journey as a high school kid creating a propane gun using a plastic bottle. He shot the video of it and posted it on his Instagram.

But his mother went on to post the same video on her TikTok account. The video blew up within a day and garnered a couple of thousand views making him the real Iron Man. The video has over almost 13 million views with 1.6 million likes alone.

From that point on, he has also made Iron Man cannon, spiderman web-shooters and half-a-skeleton of Iron Man’s armor, and many more. And the crazy part is it is all functional.

His popularity grew so much so that, even Logan Paul addressed him in a filmed conversation. And this was one of the craziest stuff that eve happened to Braden Smith.

Braden Smith is an aspiring engineer who is yet to graduate from high school. However, he has divulged information on which high school he is attending at the time. (

As Braden is just a high school kid, he has a long way to go on making a fortune. But anyone can tell that he is on the right path towards success. Well as of August of 2020, his net worth might be below $50 thousand, but he is on his way to making millions if everything goes right for him.

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Braden Smith Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

With Braden’s Tom Holland appearance and unparalleled intellect and creativity, he might’ve had plenty of hearts of young women going fast for him. But, he hasn’t spoken anything in that regard.

Braden’s dating life appears almost non-existent on social media. Though he might’ve got involved romantically with at least one potential girlfriend, his secrecy is best kept hidden within himself.

And like any other celebrity and stars, he also ignited the baseless rumors of being gay, just because he is single on social media. But, Braden let the rumor pass by unnoticed and kept on focusing on what he does best.

On 18 August 2020, Braden posted a video of himself where he shared what he would wear to steal somebody’s girl. And the concept alone suggested that he is into a girl and shot down the gay rumor.

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