In September 2020, Doggface208 made a video cruising down on a highway early morning on his skateboard sipping cranberry juice while banging to Dreams of Fleetwood Mack. And within a day, the video earned over 3 million views with a million likes on his video.

TikTok sheltered lots of young people and the video to them provided a particular kind of vibe they craved for. The TikTok went viral within a day making him an instantaneous sensation. But, the question remained who is this ‘uncle’ anyway?

Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve prepared a wiki-article based on Doggface208’s life, career, and relationship.

How Old Is Doggface208?

Doggface208 seems to be not more than in his late-30s. Plus, none of the social media platforms which he used suggested anything remotely related to his birthday. And this further restricted information on his birth such as age and zodiac sign.

However, some online sites noted Doggface208 was 38 years old as of Sept 2021.

What Is Doggface208 Real Name?

Doggface208, real name Nathan N Apodaca, was born to his father Toni Apodaca, and his mother Julia Apodaca. Growing up in a Mexican household, Doggface208 and his family hailed from the hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho. While Julia’s details are shrouded in mystery, Toni worked in a warehouse as a forklift operator.

Doggface208 was raised by his parents along with at least three siblings, Eric Apodaca, Tony Apodaca, and their sister Nicole V Apodaca. While details on Eric and Nicole escaped public knowledge, his brother Tony is in a relationship with Vicenta Munoz and has three daughters.

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How Tall Is Doggface208?

Talking about Doggface208’s physical appearances, he is a man with a well-built muscular physique with a bodyweight of 87 kilograms (191 lbs). He always shaved off his head, and there was never a time when he was captured with a hair longer than what he has now.

Plus, Doggface208 stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). As for facial appearance, he keeps a mustache and has scars on his face that he got from the pimples he had.

Plus, he has multiple freckles all over his face. As for distinct features, he inked multiple tattoos all over his body. But the one that was visible on his viral videos was of the feather on the backside of his head.

Is Doggface208 On Facebook & Instagram?

Before the world of the internet knew and adored him as a juice-sipping vibe uncle, he had already established quite an impressive social media following.

But after the fame, Doggface208’s Instagram account garnered 166k followers as of Sep 2020. Likewise, he is also on Facebook where he last posted in July of 2019.

However, Doggface208 is almost non-existent on Twitter.

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What Is Doggface208 Job?

Growing up, Doggface208 attended Skyline High School in Idaho. Following graduation, he went on to attend Idaho State University. He also enrolled at Eastern Idaho Technical College in 2007.

In January of 2000, Doggface208 joined Circle Valley Pro. in his hometown. He worked as a forklift operator and he also worked in shipping and receiving. He worked in the company until February of 2013, according to radaris.com.

Following that, he went on to work in Fort Hall Wildland Firefighting dept. He worked in Wildland firefighting in June of 2013. As of September 2020, he was still working in a warehouse in his hometown.

But besides his regular job, Doggface208 established a social media career with the help of his two daughters. Initially, he had trouble getting acquainted with TikTok, however, with a little help from his daughters it didn’t take him long to master the app which eventually made him a viral sensation.

It was only the January of 2020 when Doggface208 made his firstTikTok. He mostly made dance videos on both old school songs and the songs that were charting the billboard, or at least trending on TikTok.

And his dance moves were on point and he is pretty good at it. But it was Fleetwood Mack’s Dreams played in the background as he skated on a highway drinking cranberry juice which earned him worldwide recognition.

The TikTok flaunted him 6.2 million views with 1.4 million likes as of Sep 2020. Likewise, he earned 884.6k followers when this wiki article was penned.

But Doggface208’s net worth remains a mystery as of 2021. But his exponentially social media reach might help his wealth grow to make his first $1 million in the years that come.

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Is Doggface208 Married?

To cut to the chase, Doggface208 is a married man. His wife’s name is Estela Chavez. 2 years his senior, Estela has a teenage son from her previous relationship.

In Sept 2021, Doggface208 and his wife, Estela revealed they were expecting their first child together. The married couple also shared that their bundle of joy was arriving in Feb 2022.

Doggface208 has 2 daughters from his earlier romance. His eldest daughter Angelica Apodaca was born on 15 March. Whereas, his youngest daughter Makyla Apodaca turned 13 years old while celebrating her birthday on 23 February 2021.

Doggface2008 and his first baby mama were together up until 2012 when he mentioned her on a Facebook post on the day of Makyla’s birthday.

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