If you are interested in intimate (or actually weird) family relationships, you should tune in to TLC‘s sMothered. One of the intimate/weird characters in the show was Amy DeAngelo. And in this Amy DeAngelo wiki, we shall cover her.

So, read along dear readers. You might come to know interesting details about Amy like her age, her job, the name of her husband. And we shall also inform you a little about the show sMothered.

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Amy DeAngelo Age, Birthday

Amy DeAngelo was 44 years of age as of June 2021. But she did not think that age comes in the way of living life.

So far, we do not know at what day of the year, Amy celebrates her birthday. Consequently, we also do not know Amy’s zodiac sign.

Amy DeAngelo Maiden Name

Amy DeAngelo’s maiden name was Amy Torchia. We do not know much about her family before her marriage to one Mr. DeAngelo. We have absolutely zero information about her parents.

However, we do know that Amy had two younger brothers. One of those brothers was Justin Torchia. Justin is also a married man but we do not know the name of his wife. Amy seems close with both of her brothers.

What’s more, Amy isn’t a native of Hawaii. She moved to the state from Seattle.

Her Height, Weight

Amy DeAngelo stands at a height of 5 ft 3 inches and she weighed about 63 kgs.

Her other distinct features include long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a toothy smile which she flashed quite often.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Amy DeAngelo was not that big on social media, possibly because she was a regular person living in Hawaii. However, now that her new show arrived, her followers started to increase rapidly.

Anyway, so far, Amy only had 460 followers on Instagram. She was also present on Facebook and was followed by 322 people.

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Amy DeAngelo Job, Net Worth

Professionally, Amy DeAngelo is a business owner. She has a meatball catering business in Hawaii, which she operates with her daughter Carina DeAngelo. The name of their business was My Balls. And although it is primarily a meatballs business, it also delves into other food items like a regular restaurant.

Amy DeAngelo is also a photographer and shot photos of models. What’s more, she is also a retired music industry professional. However, dear readers, you might be more interested in knowing about her reality TV roles. So, let’s dive into that.

TLC‘s famous show sMothered returned to the small screen for its third season and debuting with their own weird mother-daughter relationship were Amy DeAngelo and her daughter Carina DeAngelo. The show premiered on 31 May 2021.

According to the early details that have come out of sMothered, Amy and Carina share almost everything. They were partners in their meatballs business. They slept in the same bed (they had turned Carina’s bedroom into a spare room). And they even washed each other and swapped each other’s underwear. They were almost inseparable.

To outsiders, it might look weird but to Amy and Carina, it was natural. They have even described their relationship as a “soul-bonded relationship”. And in defense of the weirdness suspicion, Carina said, “I literally came out of her vagina. So how is it weird that I sleep in the same bed as my mom? What’s weird about that?”

There was, however, one thing that Amy and Carina did not share: their love lives, or rather their sex lives. Telling each other who they were dating and who they were in love with seemed natural. But they drew the line at the point

Apart from Amy and Carina, other mother-daughter pairs in sMothered include Sunhe and Angelica, Kathy and Cristina, Karla and Rykia, Lisa and Lauren, and Dawn and Cher.

By 2021, Amy DeAngelo had gathered a net worth of about $800 thousand.

Amy DeAngelo Husband, Boyfriend

We do not know anything about Amy DeAngelo’s husband. We do know that she was married to one Mr. DeAngelo, but he was no longer in the picture. Amy and her husband did not have any marriage as was clear from the show sMothered.

But we do not know if her husband had died or they had divorced. It was most likely the latter because something as tragic as the death of her husband would have come out one way or the other. But still, we could not be sure.

No longer married to her husband, Amy was quite active in the dating scene. She had had boyfriends in her life but no one long-term.

How Many Kids Does Amy DeAngelo Have?

Apart from Carina, Amy DeAngelo has one more kid, a son called Cam DeAngelo. According to one 2019 Facebook post of Amy’s, Cam had already gained the height of 6 ft at only 14 years of age. That means, as of now, i.e. June 2021, he was already 16 years of age and was well over 6 ft in height.

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