Rykia Lewis is widely recognized as the TLC’s sMothered’s cast for season 3 in 2021. She and her mother Karla starred in the show as one of the three new mom-daughter pairs. So, learn more about her in this Rykia Lewis Wiki where we discuss her age, boyfriend, job, and height.

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Rykia Lewis Age

Rykia Lewis, age 26 as of June 2021, shares her birthday with actor Tom Hardy as both were born on 15 September. Per that information, she owned Virgo as her zodiac sign.

Rykia Lewis Father

Rykia Lewis was born to her anonymous father and her mother Karla McCoy. Her father is nowhere to be found on both her social media post and her mother’s social media posts.

Conclusively, we don’t hold any information on her father. As for her mother, Karla McCoy hails from Cuba, Alabama, and resides in Jacksonville, Alabama. Karla attended the University of West Alabama and Grand Canyon University where she earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education from in that respective order.

Talking about her mother’s job, Karla is the owner of Savvy Tusker Fitness and Lifestyle. She established the company in June of 2015. She runs the business as a weight loss and wellness coach.

To mention her siblings, Rykia Lewis grew up with her elder brother Robert McCoy who turned 28 years old in February of 2021.

Her Height

Talking about her height, Rykia Lewis is slightly smaller than her 5 feet 8 inches mother. So, we believe she measures tall at the height of 5 feet 7.5 inches (1.71 meters).

In comparison, Rykia gained more weight than her mother. She was able to maintain her body and losing fat while pursuing a passion for physical fitness. She approximately weighed 64 kilograms (141 lbs).

Rykia also has a dragon tattoo on her belly which is her distinct feature.

Her Instagram, Facebook

All thanks to her burgeoning fame, Rykia Lewis is witnessing a growth in the number of followers on her social media platforms. Her Instagram account earned her a total of 4422 followers as of June 2021. She posted 65 times on the platform in early June 2021. So, there wasn’t much activity on the platform.

Furthermore, Rykia is easy to discover on Facebook where she updates posts regularly. The last post she made was about her and her mother starring in the TLC’s reality show.

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Rykia Lewis Job

As for Rykia Lewis’s job, she is working as a Certified Personal Trainer at her mom’s business. She posts workout videos and pictures of herself on Instagram. Also, she calls herself a believer. Rykia might as pursue a career as an Instagram model because she got the looks and body for the job.

But, when Rykia with her mother Karla starred in TLC’s sMothered, they became reality stars and public figures. In the show, Karla is extremely involved in the life of Rykia. As shared on the show, they give each other Brazilian waxes and watch each other’s sex tapes.

According to Cheat Sheet, like all the other casts her salary ranges from $1000 to $5000. The sum will contribute to Rykia’s burgeoning net worth of a little below $100 thousand.

Meanwhile, Rykia’s academic qualifications remain obscure as of this writing. She must’ve at least attended high school. Based on her LinkedIn, she attended and is set to graduate from the University of West Alabama in 2021.

Rykia Lewis Boyfriend

Rykia Lewis must’ve been in plenty of dating relationships but hasn’t shared any details on her love life. She has a son named Idris from her previous relationship. There exists no evidence of him ever getting engaged or married to his former boyfriend.

Based on the lack of posts, we can conclude that Rykia is raising Idris as a single mother. Idris loves football and is an exceptional player, so to speak. He was titled Central Falcons 5/6 Best Offensive Lineman of the Year November 2017.

Since her baby father is absent from her and her baby’s life, fans assumed that Rykia parted ways with her boyfriend in a bad term. There doesn’t even exist a co-parenting agreement if we take a closer look at her life.

About Rykia Lewis Baby, Surrogacy

As revealed on TLC’s sMothered Season 3 premiere, Rykia Lewis was 4 months pregnant when the show was filmed and shared that being pregnant was her only job at the time. But, on 5 May 2021, she wrote a post on her Instagram.

In that, she revealed—” For the past 9 months I carried a beautiful bundle of joy for a very deserving family. It will definitely go down as one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for someone else in my whole life. ❤️”


Rykia showing off her postpartum body after having a surrogate baby (Pic: Rykia’s Instagram)

On the post, Rykia revealed her post-partum body. She shared that the surrogate baby already went to a deserving family.

On IG user thatgirlcancook__ commented: “Omg girl! That is amazing !!!!”

The same user commented, “And you still look good 🥴🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾”

Karla replied: “I knew you were amazing, but this…#proudmama ❤️❤️❤️”

Even before Season 3 premiered, fans began speculating that Rykia might be a surrogate for co-star Lauren Kimball Reese’s baby. As seen on the show, Lauren was trying to conceive for 2 years.

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