Have you ever heard, dear readers, about a family consisting of a husband, a wife, their kids, the husband’s ex-wife, their kids, and the husband’s ex-wife’s current wife, and their kids. Sounds like a real knot, doesn’t it? But it seems like Jennifer Vazquez can manage all that complication. Or so says TLC‘s new reality show You, Me & My Ex.

In this article, we shall cover Jennifer Vazquez. Who she is? What kind of family she has? How come she come to have such a family? Meanwhile, we will also provide interesting facts about her like her age, job, height, net worth, etc.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Jennifer Vazquez Age

Jennifer Vazquez was born on 3 February 1985. That means, she was 36 years of age as of June 2021. And also, her zodiac sign was Aquarius.

[You, Me & My Ex] Jennifer Vazquez Maiden Name

Before getting married, Jennifer’s maiden name was Jennifer Glerup. Her actual father’s name is Bradley Glerup Sr., but there was no information about her actual father. Jennifer’s mother is called Dee Lenaghen. Based on Dee’s Facebook profile, she had retired from her professional life in September 2020. We do not know what he did before retirement.

After her father, Jennifer’s mother married another man called Bernie Lenaghen. Bernie works at Orion Bus Industries. And previously, he had attended Patent Central High School.

Apart from her parents and step-parents, Jennifer Vazquez had two siblings in the family, one brother and one step-sister. Her brother’s name is Brad Glerup. For his education, Brad attended Patent Central High School and later, Harvard University. Jennifer’s sister is Brittany Lenaghen, aka Elle Bee. Elle Bee’s Facebook had no information about her.

Her Height

Jennifer Vazquez stands at a tall height of 5 ft 6 inches. Moreover, she is also a very fit person, had a slim figure. She is not always like that though. It was during 2017/2018 that she really worked hard and lost some weight and became the tall and slim woman that she is today.

Probably inspired by her partner and wife, Chantel, Jennifer had also got quite a few tattoos on her body. The most visible of those tattoos are the one on her left forearm and a Ganesh tattoo on her left upper arm.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Jennifer Vazquez was not very big on social media as of June 2021. She was present on Instagram and Facebook and had a decent following for a layman persona. For instance, on Instagram, she had only 605 followers. Her following might increase in the days to come as she is going to star in a reality show.

[You, Me & My Ex] Jennifer Vazquez Job

Profession-wise, Jennifer Vazquez is a real estate agent working in Tampa Bay Area, Florida. Her Linkedin profile says that she is a “resourceful Account Manager with excellent client oversight, issue resolution, and relationship-building expertise.”

We also found out that she is a self-employed realtor and works at JT Realty & Associates, which must be her own realtor firm. She has been working on that job for over 3 years and 11 months, as of June 2021. And in that time, Jennifer had sold 5 houses and more than 8 contracts were in progress.

Apart from that regular job, Jennifer is also a reality TV star. She was going to appear on TLC‘s new reality show called You, Me & My Ex. The show was about quirky families in which modern couple had some kind of relationship with one of the partner’s exes. Or in the case of Jennifer and company, with one partner’s ex and the said ex’s current partner.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Jennifer Vazquez, Chantel Vazquez, Josh Rappahahn

Jennifer Vazquez met her ex-husband Josh Rappahahn when she was young and married him when she was only 21 years of age. Together, they had a son called Jace. Things, however, start to go wrong pretty soon. They had gotten married at a very early age and as time passed, they just drifted apart. Also, she realized that she was attracted to women. They separated after five years of marriage.

After her separation from Josh, she started seeing her co-worker Chantel Vazquez and fell head over heels for her. Chantel first appeared on Jennifer’s IG in January 2015. They got engaged in December 2016 and eventually married in October 2017 in a lavish white wedding. At the wedding, Jennifer wore a beautiful bridal gown and Chantel wore a grey tuxedo.


Jennifer Vazquez and Chantel Vazquez during their wedding day circa 2017 (PC: Jennifer’s IG)

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Josh also found love. He was married to Danielle Rappahahn. And most importantly, Jennifer and Chantel were very good friends with Josh and Danielle. In fact, they were more than friends, they were almost like family. Both couples had actually moved their houses to be closer to each other.

How Many Kids Does [You, Me & My Ex] Jennifer Vazquez Have? 

The most reason that Jennifer and Chantel Vazquez and Josh and Danielle were close is the son Josh and Jennifer share, Jace. Jace was born on 14 September 2010. As of June 2021, he was 10 years of age.

Currently, he studied at Floyd Elementry School in Florida. According to the proud Instagram posts of his “3 moms”, Jace was was not only good at studies but also extracurricular activities. He played baseball and hockey in school.

Apart from Jace, there was another kid in the picture, a little girl called Mikaela. Mikaela was actually Josh and Danielle’s daughter, who was born in August 2016. Jennifer and Chantel were also very close to Mikaela. They also, however, wanted to have a kid of their own and had asked Josh to donate sperm for that.

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