TLC network dropped the second season of sMothered in May of 2020. And so far in the journey, viewers witnessed all kinds of mother-daughter pairs including, including Kathy and Cristina, Sunhe Dapron and Angelica, Dawn and Cher, Mary and Brittani, Marcia, and Alena, and Laurie and Sara. All of these people got featured on the show through an open casting call as they met the network’s casting page requirements.

Sunhe returned for the third season of sMothered along with new pair of mother-daughter duos.

Here in the writing, we specifically talk of one of the mothers Sunhe. As we unravel her wiki, career, and detailed personal life, we discover why exactly she and her daughter Angelica are called the two peas in a pod.

Sunhe Dapron [sMothered] Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The day 24th of September signifies Sunhe Dapron’s birthday every year. Based on the fact, one can say her zodiac sign is Libra.

53-years-old in 2020, Sunhe and her daughter are more than twenty years apart. However, the huge age gap never stopped them from sharing a bed and living together.

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Sunhe Dapron [sMothered] Wiki — Race, Maiden Name, Family

Sunhe’s maiden name, according to, is Chong. Plus, at different times in life, she went by different names— Sunhe Michaux, Suntle C Dapron, Sunhe C Michaux, and Sunhe C Dapron.

A  picture, circa February of 2009, described Sunhe as Alexzandra, wife of Staff Sergeant Kerry Dapron. Sunhe is seen giving a “welcome home” hug to this man (former husband) after he returned from a six-month deployment to Kirkuk Regional Air Base in Iraq.

But then, there wasn’t any confirmation from Sunhe regarding the matter.


Possibly, Sunhe with her former husband Kerry Dapron (PIC:

And the fans from the show, discussing Sunhe and her daughter, speculated Kerry Dapron to be Angelica’s stepdad. They believe Angelica’s race is rather a blend of Korean (from Sunhe) and the other half from her biracial or African (biological) father.

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Height, Plastic Surgery, Breast Cancer

On the 19th July, 2020 episode of sMothered Sunhe Dapron went to see a doctor after finding a lump on her breast. And luckily in the same episode, Sunhe found out that she did not have breast cancer.

Standing to a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, Sunhe looks much younger and sumptuous than her actual age. And this raised some eyebrows if she sought some plastic surgeries to shade the aging process.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

In the Instagram handle ‘@Sunhe&Angelica‘, Sunhe Dapron and her daughter jointly, had more than 11.9 thousand followers. Further, on Facebook, with the same handle, they entertained around 1 thousand followers.

While on their social media world, the mother-daughter loved referring to themselves as “big spoon-little spoon.”

Reach out to Sunhe on Cameo by clicking here.

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Sunhe Dapron [sMothered] Net Worth, Job, Education

For the net worth, Sunhe Dapron reportedly hoarded over $500 thousand worth of assets.

Sunhe, according to this LinkedIn profile, holds the job of a Cosmetics Manager at AMOREPACIFIC.

Furthermore, apart from her current reality TV job, the career she was indulged in back in the days remained unexplained. And likewise stayed her educational background, away from the media and public eyes.

Sunhe Dapron [sMothered] Fiance, Married, Husband

At some point in the show, Sunhe Dapron confessed that she “could be completely happy without a man” only if she had her daughter, Angelica, by her side. And many a time she proved that not anyone or anything would make her reconsider her love for Angelica. she would always come first. To the extent that Sunhe could not bear to let her daughter alone, even for the college.


sMothered mother-daughter duo Sunhe and Angelica (PIC: Sunhe&Angelica IG)

When Angelica moved to Virginia for college, Sunhe did not move into her dorm. But she did migrate to Georgia to be closer to her daughter. She then drove, six hours every two weeks, to see Angelica.

At the beginning of the second season of the show, she was reconsidering even her long-distance relationship with Brett.

Many anticipated that the forthcoming episodes in the show would unveil Sunhe and Brett’s story; plus the part about Sunhe’s previous husband and married life, she lived too.

By the time Season 3 kicked around, Brett had popped the big question and become Sunhe Dapron’s fiance.

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