Delainey Shae rose to fame after her relationship with MTV’s Siesta Key star went public. But, she didn’t have the conventional “dating-type”, she was his one-night-stand that created major consequences in the life of the two. In translation, they share a kid from their night.

Learn more about Brandon Gomes’s baby mother with the help of this Delainey Shae Wiki where we bring details on her family, job, social media reach, relationship status, and net worth.

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Delainey Shae Age, Birthday

Delainey Shae was born on 2 September, which made her a Virgo by zodiac sign. Furthermore, born in 1996, she turned 24 years old in 2020.

Delainey Shae Family, Hometown

Delainey Shae Salek-Hazel was born to her anonymous father and her mother Danielle R Salek in her hometown of Bonita Springs, Florida, the United States.

As noted in the records of Bonita Spring Elementary School, Delainey’s mother has been listed as a Pre-K teacher. Whereas, a LinkedIn profile on her name listed Specialist at CC as her job description.

Moreover, Danielle is one of the two daughters born to Lynda Shae. Lynda passed away on 22 January 2017 at the age of 71 in a car crash in Connecticut on her way to her granddaughter’s wedding.

Danielle’s other sister is Heather Otenti of MA. Heather and Danielle lost their father Robert Salek in 2013. Heather has two children Taylor Randall and Matthew Otenti.

Lynda was extremely loved in the community and some even claimed that she was the one who made Bonita Spring feel like a friendly community.

More about her family: Delainey Shae grew up with three siblings. she had two brothers Dalton Salek-Hazel, Deacon Salek-Hazel, and a sister named Destiney Salek-Hazel.

Her Height, Measurements

Delainey Shae stands tall at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). She has all blonde hair which could be called her distinct features along with her big forehead. Furthermore, she is blessed with the measurements of 33-26-35 inches.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Talking about social media reach, the only highly used platform where Delainey Shae could be discovered was on Facebook and Instagram. She is not that big on social media as she only made limited posts on the platforms.

As of June 2021, her Instagram account earned 3593 followers. She kept the account private. However, she doesn’t seem to use Twitter.

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Delainey Shae Job, Net Worth

According to her Instagram bio, after graduating high school, Delainey attended Florida Gulf Coast University. She graduated from college with a degree in Occupational Therapy. So, she might as well pursue job hunting based on her academic qualifications.

However, any form of employment and its announcement hasn’t been made regarding Delainey’s job situation. We discovered no records of her employment status in the public domain.

As for her baby father, Brandon Gomes started his career as a model. He signed with Click Model Management a talent agency based in New York and pursued his career while he was still in high school.

Later, Vrabdib pursued his career in music and film. The earliest song which he ever uploaded online dated back to 2017. His debut song was titled LA. He, then, released his debut EP titled The Elegant Pursuit.

Brandon also released singles such as No Time, Not a Love Song, Red Shirt Freestyle, All or Nothing, Dancing in the Moonlight, and Away. But, most of all he earned wider recognition as a reality star for Siesta Key on MTV.

And the fame of Brandon put a spotlight on his baby mother Delainey Shae. Delainey allegedly accumulated a total net worth under $100 thousand. Whereas, Brandon garnered a total net worth of $200 thousand.

Delainey Shae And Brandon Gomes: Dating, Baby

Siesta Key’s reality star, Brando Gomes, left everyone stunned when he claimed to have a baby. Though Brandon accepted that he was in fact the father of the child, he couldn’t bring himself to attain fatherhood immediately. Plus, the baby was born out of a contentious relationship between Delainey and Brandon.


Delainey Shae with baby Quincy she had with Brandon (Pic: Delainey’s Instagram)

First off, Brandon has never demonstrated himself as the type made for commitment. He maintained a short-lived relationship with Camilla Cattaneo and Madisson Hausburg. However, in the spring of 2020. Delainey became a father to his son Quincy.

When Brandon found out about the baby, he was dating Camilla, which meant he cheated on her.

When Delainey tried contacting him about Quincy, he blocked her on Instagram. She then reached out to Brandon’s family members than to his manager. Eventually, Brandon gutted up to have the conversation about co-parenting Quincy in August of 2020.

As far as we know, Brandon avoided losing Camilla even though he made a mistake. Plus, his fans pointed out that Delainey is definitely not Brandon’s interest. So, was Delainey dating Brandon in 2021?

A big NO! for the answer. But, Delainey expressed her happiness that Brandon wanted to be something both of them were new to, being a parent.

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