You, Me & My Ex is all about couples and the ex of one of the partners. For example, one of the couples in the show was Josh and Danielle Rappahahn. And true to the show’s spirit, Josh’s ex-wife Jennifer and her wife Chantel. We know! There is a super drama going on in that quartet.

Read the Danielle Rappahahn wiki below to first know about her and then get all the juicy details of her complicated relationship with her husband, her husband’s ex-wife, and her husband’s ex-wife’s wife.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Danielle Rappahahn Age, Birthday

Reportedly, Danielle Rappahahn was born in 1989. If those reports were true, Danielle was either 31 or 32 years of age in June 2021. We cannot be exactly sure of her age because we did not know her exact birthday. And since we did not know her exact birthday, we also did not know her zodiac sign.

[You, Me & My Ex] Danielle Rappahahn Family, Maiden Name

Danielle Rappahahn’s maiden name is Hull. Talking about her family, we do not know much. There are few things that we do know about Danielle’s family.

One, Danielle came from a divorced family, i.e. her parents had divorced when she was still a young girl and after the divorce, the two of them did not get along well.

Two, Danielle had two brothers, that we know of, Adam Hull and Marc Hull.

And three, one of her grandfather’s names was Jerome B. Saar and he died in 2019.

Her Height

Danielle Danielle stands at a modest height of 5 ft 5 inches. Danielle is also a beautiful woman with black hair and blue eyes.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Danielle Rappahahn was not that big on social media. On Instagram, for example, she had only 514 followers. However, she was very frequent as she had 150 posts, as of June 2021. She also had a regular Facebook profile as well as a different Facebook page with 606 likes and 621 follows.

Danielle herself was not present on any other social media platforms. But she appeared quite often in her husband’s Tiktok channel as well as the Rappahahn family’s Youtube channel. Josh’s Tiktok channel had 29.5k followers and 768.3k likes. Similarly, the family Youtube channel, called Blended Not Broken, had only 4 subscribers.

[You, Me & My Ex] Danielle Rappahahn Job, Net Worth

To highlight her job, Danielle Rappahahn is a Nurse Leader, working in Greater Tampa Bay Area. For her education, she went to Le Moyne College and graduated with a BA degree in biology and psychology. Later, she went to Crouse Hospital School of Nursing to study nursing.

Danielle started her career as a Home Health Aide for Loretto while she was still in her Nursing School. Later, during her career as a Registered Nurse, she worked for the State University of New York Upstate Medical University, Cross Country TravCorps, and Advent Health.

Since September 2018, Danielle has been working as a Nurse Team Leader for AdventHealth in Tampa, Florida. The average salary of a Registered Nurse in Florida was $32 per hour. Danielle’s salary must be a little higher than that, considering that she had a long experience and that she was also a team leader.

Apart from that, Danielle was also appearing in a new TLC series You, Me & Me Ex. Danielle is appearing on the show with her husband, her husband’s ex-wife, her husband’s ex-wife’s current wife, and two children of the family.

As of 2021, Danielle Rappahahn had collected a net worth of about $750 thousand.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Danielle Rappahahn Josh, Jennifer

Well, here is where things get really interesting. Danielle Rappahahn is married to a guy called Josh Rappahahn, who was previously married to a woman called Jennifer, who is currently married to another woman called Chantel Vazquez. And they are all together one big happy family.

The story goes, Josh and Jennifer were married for over five years and had a son called Jace, who was 10 years of age as of June 2021. With time, the two of them grew apart and got divorced. A few months after, Josh met Danielle and started dating her. And Jennifer found out that she was attracted to women and started dating Chantel.

And in the midst of all that change, Josh and Jennifer remained connected not only because of their son Jace but also because they were very good friends, in fact, best of friends. In the beginning, things were not very ideal for Danielle and Chantel, but over time, the four of them started to become one big family. Both Danielle and Chantel grew very comfortable with Josh and Jennifer’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Danielle got pregnant only a few months into her relationship with Josh. Her daughter, Mikaela, was born in 2016 and was 4 years of age as of June 2021. And then Jennifer married Chantel and Josh married Danielle. That was in August 2019, i.e. Josh and Danielle’s wedding. But about a month before, Josh and Danielle had already go their marriage license.


Danielle and her husband Josh during their wedding day circa 2019 (PC: Josh’s Facebook)

And the latest development in this four-way relationship was that Jennifer and Chantel had asked Josh to be a sperm donor so that they could have their own child.

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