Tania Maduro and her husband Syngin Colchester had grabbed public attention after the rumor of their split surfaced on the internet. However, their social media post spoke the opposite as they are seen spending quality time with each other.

Surely their marriage ran in some trouble. But as it appeared the pair might’ve reconciled their differences and moved forward for better tomorrow together. This wiki-article is based on the life of Tania Maduro, so delve in to learn more about her.

Tania Maduro Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Tania Maduro’s private info evades public knowledge. She avoided sharing many details related to her which included her exact date of birth.

However, she mentioned being a 90’s kid in a few of her Instagram posts. And this alone suggested she is in her late 20’s. Whereas, noted Tania Maduro turned 30 years old at the time of penning this wiki.

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Tania Maduro Wiki — Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Tania A. Maduro was born to her Venezuelan parents in the United States. Other than a few social media features, Tania avoided sharing details on her parents including their names. As her posts suggested, she and her friends are very close to her parents especially her mother.

More on her family: she grew up a sister named Tiana Christian. Like Tania, she also appeared on the show when Tiana planned for leaving for Costa Rica. Tiana is married and had a baby with her husband.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Among all the features of Tiana, she gravitated people’s attention with her attractive appearances.

Tania Maduro stands at an average height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.54 meters). Moreover, she weighed 63 kilograms (138 lbs) at the time of this writing.

Also, the brown-skinned beauty flaunts her stunning measurements of 36-26-36 inches on her Instagram. More on that, she has long curly hair which that suits her exotic look.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Soon after Tania Maduro gained prominence as a TLC network’s reality star, her social media following escalated at an impressive rate.

By Summer 2020, her Instagram boasted a total of 77k followers at the time of penning this article. Likewise, she actively posted on Twitter where she enjoyed 552 followers at the same time.

Likewise, Tania interacted with her friends and followers on her Facebook account. The platform had garnered her a total of 1618 followers at the time of penning this wiki.

Tania Maduro Job, Net Worth, Education

Starting with her academic accomplishments, Tania missed on revealing which high school she attended.

However, following graduation, she went on to attend Johnson & Wales University. She graduated magna cum laude earning a bachelor’s degree in science in 2014. Whether Tania immediately got a job or not is still a mystery.

When Tania decided to move to Costa Rica leaving behind her lover with her family. She gave up everything she had at the time.

As her sister made recollection of the event, she noted that Tania gave up her apartment and became homeless. She quitted her job to move to Costa Rica.

This meant she was employed at the time. But, the nature of her job then remains a mystery.

As of 2020, she was preparing herself to build a career as a herbalist. Not only that, but the purpose of 30 days visit to Costa Rica was also to learn more about herbal medicine.

Plus, she extended her hands out to her friends and family for the financial support for the ‘Herbal Retreat.’ This meant she was not in her best financial position.

Besides that, Tania is best known for her stint in TLC’s reality show 90 Day Fiance. In the show, she has received both admiration and love as well as the criticism. Nevertheless, she kept her head held high working towards her dream.

As of August 2020, she is estimated to worth a little above $150 thousand net worth.

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Tania Maduro Syngin Colchester, Married, Husband

As of Summer 2020, Tania Maduro was married to her South African husband Syngin Colchester. The pair reportedly met each other when Tania took a trip to South Africa for a getaway with a different man.

The man who she’d been communicating through a dating app, couldn’t live up to his expectation which made her ditch him. After that, she headed toward a bar where Syngin was working as a bartender.

The spark flew between the two and they decided to spend more time together. Tania extended her trip as she fell for him in just four days of meeting him and the rest is history.

However, their marriage ran into trouble after Tania proclaimed Syngin wasn’t her soul mate. On the other hand, Syngin admitted he wouldn’t have married Tania if it wasn’t the K-1 visa process.

They also argued over several issues regarding money and children as the show unfolded.

As of 2020, Syngin and Tania seemingly withstood everything were spending their time together during the COVID-19 pandemic in harmony with love. Each updated their followers with frequent posts on their social media platforms.

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