Meet Ellie Woods, a name that was on the limelight as fiancee to the American singer, dancer, and actor, Jordan Fisher. But while Ellie may be popular for being the future wife to Jordan, she seemed to have a fan following of her own.

With over 70K followers on her Instagram, Ellie has established herself as an internet sensation. She mostly uploaded her adventures and travel pictures over it. Also, she is a beautiful singer as well, she had a few clips of her singing over Instagram too.

Divulge on the insides of Ellie Woods as you tag along with this short wiki-style article. Also, get to know her age, net worth, and family as the article proceeds.

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Ellie Woods Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As of August 2020, Ellie Woods was 22 years of age. This made her 4 years younger than her fiancee, Jordan.

Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on July 1 and is of Cancer zodiac.

Ellie Woods Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Ellie Woods grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. However, in one of her Instagram posts, Ellie mentioned,

“Being at home today and remembering all of the beauty from Israel is surreal. “

Could this be a hint leading to her family roots?

As for Ellie’s parents, her mother’s name is Kristen Dodd Woods and her father remained anonymous. But he appeared over Ellie’s Instagram on July 14, 2020, on his birthday where he turned 35 years of age.

Also, Ellie had a picture of her mother over Instagram as well, captioned, “My mom is hot”.

Talking about her siblings, Ellie has a brother named Richard Blythe Woods who loved traveling as much as she did. They were often seen traveling and exploring together. It might be safe to say that they had good blonding and loved each other.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Ellie is a fitness enthusiast who maintained her body measurements at 34-24-33 Inches. She had several workout videos on her Youtube channel. ( Her favorite 4 exercises were Squat, Lunges, Donkey Kicks, and Leg Lifts.

Furthermore, Ellie Woods stands tall at a height of 5 Feet 7 Inches (170.18 cm) and weights 59 KG (130.073 lbs).

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

As of August 2020, Ellie had 70.7K followers on her Instagram @elliewoods401 and her twitter account remained unknown.

Also, she had 3.07K subscribers on her self-titled Youtube channel. And find her on Facebook @Ellie Woods.

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Ellie Woods Net Worth, Job, Education

While Ellie’s passion for fitness was well known, it’s no surprise that she chose to pursue her education in it. She was aspiring to be a dietician and studied “food and nutrition”. In December 2019, she graduated from the University of Alabama and was looking forward to her Masters’s degree in “dietetics”.

Also, Ellie recognized and respected “art” that was a part of her fiancee Jordan’s career. Reportedly, Ellie’s love for the “art” began as she grew up in a theater conservatory together with Jordan.

Taking about her job, Ellie was trying for several “dietetic internships” in NY, Alabama, and LA. She shared that it was “super important” for her to find the right program for it. Also, she previously worked with a LA program called “Share Meal“.

As of 2020, Ellie Woods’ net worth was estimated to be under $150 thousand.

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Ellie Woods & Jordan Fisher Dating, Engaged, Married

Ellie Woods was 9 when she first met the love of her life, Jordan Fischer. They were still kids and considered each other as “best friends” growing up.


Ellie Woods with her fiancee Jordan Fisher back in 2012 when they were young (Source: Ellie’s Instagram)

However, it wasn’t until 2017, the duo confessed to each other. Jordan shared,

“We’ve been best friends for over a decade before we started dating, and so there was a pretty easy transition into going into dating, and then it didn’t take any time at all for me to know she was my person.”

Furthermore, two months into dating, Jordan confessed that he knew Ellie was “the one”.  Then, he finally pooped the question to Ellie in May 2019.

It was at Ellie’s parent’s house where Jordan surprised her with the ring. Ellie shared,

“It was the biggest surprise of my life! I’m a very hard person to surprise so the fact that he pulled it off, kudos to you, babe.”

Also, you can find the proposal video over Jordan’s Instagram.

According to Ellie’s Instagram, she was planning to get married on July 25, 2020. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo postponed the wedding to November that year.

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