If you are a fan of TLC’s reality show Doubling Down with the Derricos then you probably might have heard the name, Eric Jefferson. While the show didn’t focus on him, Eric was often seen along with his wife Mami Fefe (real name Felicia Jefferson), helping Derrico’s family.

So, who is this character who appears as one of the sons of the Derricos’ parents? As the show dictates, Eric Jefferson is the nephew to Deon Derrico (father of the family) who considered Eric as his eldest son. Likewise, Eric found a dad in Deon and idolized him.

Divulge into the world of Eric and his wife Mami through this short wiki on them. Also, get to know their age and job as the article proceeds.

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Eric Jefferson & Mami Fefe Wiki: Age, Birthday

While Eric Jefferson celebrates his birthday every October 19, Miami Fefe celebrated her’s on January 22. Reportedly, both of them were in their early 30’s as of 2021.

Corresponding to their birthday, Eric is of Libra zodiac and Miami is Aquarius.

In 2019, Deon Derrico, representing Derrico’s family, took it to Instagram to wish Eric a happy birthday. He uploaded a picture of the family captioned as,

“Happy Birthday Eric, We honor you!! the best son, big brother, nephew, cousin, friend, confidant, support, genuine, honest, sincere, trustworthy, kind, loyal, loving, person that I know!!!!!”

This only goes to show, how much Eric was appreciated by the Derrico family.

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Eric Jefferson & Mami Fefe Bio: Parents, Siblings

As we know, Eric Jefferson and Deon Derrico come from the same family roots. It’s a possibility that Deon’s big brother Chris is Eric’s father. Although the show never talked about Eric’s actual parents, we’ll be sure to update you if any information is available.

Also, Eric was close to his grandmother, Marian Derrico who owned a hair salon.

Talking about his wife, Mami Fefe seemed close to her family. She often uploaded pictures of her mom and dad over her Instagram.

As for their siblings, while info on Eric remained unknown, Mami has a sister with whom she had a picture on her Instagram.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Coming to their distinct features, Eric is a handsome man with dark eyes and liked to maintain a goatee. As for Mami, she gave her husband competition in terms of being attractive. Her naturally curled hair and big brown eyes must be what Eric fell for.

Furthermore, Eric Jefferson stands tall at a height of 6 Feet and 1 Inch (185.42 cm) with a weight of 81 KG (178.574 lbs) while Mami Fefe’s height measures 5 Feet 5 Inches (165.1 cm) and weights 59 KG (130.07 lbs).

Also, Mami’s body measurements were 36-24-37 Inches.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

As of June 2021, Eric had 2.3K followers @innate.fighter and Mami had 800 followers @mamifefe over Instagram. Both of their Facebook and Twitter accounts were not available.

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Eric Jefferson & Mami Fefe Job, Net Worth

Eric and Mami both appear on the TLC’s ” Doubling Down with the Derricos” helping the parents with their 14 children.

Just in case you don’t know about the kids, the Derrico family has a daughter, a son, twin boys, quintuplets (three girls and two boys), two more twin boys, and triplets (two girls and a boy).

Surprising isn’t it? And without the help from Eric and Mami, it would certainly be harder than it already was, for the Derrico couples. Maybe that’s why, Deon and his wife, Karen Derrico were grateful for Eric and Mami’s presence.

Apart from their time on the show, Eric and Mami worked several other jobs. Reportedly, Mami is a musician and was a teacher at Yehudi Menuhin Academy, Switzerland. She played piano as well as the violin.

As of 2021, Eric Jefferson’s and Mami Fefe’s net worth was estimated to be around $100 thousand and $70 thousand respectively.

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Eric Jefferson & Mami Fefe Married, Kids

Eric Jefferson married the Romanian girl, Mami Fefe on April 1st, 2013. Furthermore, they celebrated their dating anniversary every January 26. On their 2020 anniversary, Eric took it to Instagram to share a picture of them captioned,

“Being a husband has evolved me as a man, giving me perspective that only can be gained from experience.”

To which Mami responded with a comment “Thank you Papu.” She often seemed to call Eric “Papu” which meant “my husband, my love, my daddy #myall “.

Also, the same day, Mami shared their picture as well, remembering their wedding day. She mentioned that it was a snowy day and they ran into the biggest snow as they were in a rush. She added,

“Its funny and romantic now when i remember. The best day of my life.”

Being married for over 7 years, the duo didn’t have any kids as of 2021. But we could see that lovebirds were madly in love with each other, maybe they had plans for adding a new member to the family soon.

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