Vanessa Guerra gained celebrity status after appearing in the 2020 installment of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After”. During the season, the love triangle featuring her, Colt Johnson, and Jess Caroline drew headlines.

Delve into this Vanessa Guerra wiki and find out her age, job, and height. Also, discover her family background, Instagram, and net worth.

Who Is Colt Johnson?

Let’s get to know about Colte Johnson before answering the question “Who Is Vanessa Guerra?”

A native of Las Vegas, Colt soared to fame as soon as he joined the cast of “90 Day Fiance.”

In the Summer of 2020, Colt turned 35 years old. What’s more, he was born a Gemini and celebrated his birthday on the same day as Troye Sivan.

Pre-reality TV popularity, Colt held the job of a computer programmer.

Of all the family members, Colt seemed close to his mother Debra Johnson. Moreover, he lived with his mom.

5 days into meeting Brazilian bombshell Larissa Dos Santos, Colt proposed. They married in the Summer of 2018, only to divorce a year later.

After Larissa, Colt allegedly began dating Jess Caroline.

In 2020, Colt admitted to engaging in an emotional affair with Jess while still married to Larissa. Later, he cheated on Jess with Vanessa Guerra.

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Vanessa Guerra Colt Johnson, Dating, Jess Caroline

Vanessa Guerra came into Colt Johnson’s life during troubling times.

When Vanessa and Colt began talking, the former was on the verge of divorcing his wife Larissa. Colt explained:

“I met Vanessa during the last few months of my marriage to Larissa. We started talking online and eventually we decided to meet at the casino, and we just kind of hit it off.”

On the 5th July 2020 episode of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After,” Colt shared Vanessa was jealous of Jess. In his words:

“Jess has never met Vanessa, she doesn’t even understand who Vanessa is, and she’s so jealous of her. I told Jess I wouldn’t talk to Vanessa anymore and it feels wrong to lie to Jess, but Vanessa is my best friend and she’s been there a lot longer than Jess has.”

Unbeknownst to Jess, Colt and Vanessa were indeed “fooling” around behind her back.

Despite everything, Vanessa insisted Colt was her “best friend” and nothing more.

When Colt and his mom flew to Brazil to meet Jess and her family, he asked Vanessa to look after his cats.

Meanwhile, Jess ranted about Colt’s “gym friend” (Vanessa) to her friends. Later in the season, she even confronted Colt about still texting Vanessa despite her telling him not to do so.

On the 9th May 2021 episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Single Life,” Colt dropped on his knee and asked the big question. An elated Vanessa accepted the proposal but insisted the engagement didn’t mean they were tying the knot. Colt, on the other hand, announced she was worth the wait.

Surprising everyone, Vanessa and Colt revealed they had tied the knot on 23rd May 2021. On Instagram, Colt shared— “I like to announce that Vanessa is my wife. I married my best friend and despite what others might say; I know we will find our happily ever after.”

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Vanessa Guerra Wiki, Age, Family

Per several media outlets, Vanessa Guerra hailed from Las Vegas. As such, she carried American nationality — unlike Jess Caroline and Larissa Dos Santos who were Brazilians.

Concerning ethnicity, Vanessa hailed from a Hispanic family. What’s more, she seemed to be in tune with her Mexican heritage.

Back in November 2019, Vanessa Instagrammed a photo celebrating the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead.”

According to her Instagram bio, Vanessa spoke both English and Spanish.

In June 2001, Vanessa suffered a family tragedy after losing her baby sister Julie who was 14 at the time of her death.

Based on her photos, Vanessa didn’t seem a year older than 39 years of age (as of 2021). Because of her birthday, she owned Gemini for a zodiac sign.

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Vanessa Guerra Job, Instagram, Height

As it did with every rising star, fans became searching for Vanessa Guerra’s profession.

Because she was pals with adult entertainer Tana Lea, many speculated Vanessa too could be part of the porn industry.

Interestingly, Vanessa’s Instagram didn’t provide insight into her job history. Also, on the platform, she had around 27.2k followers (May 2021).

Nonetheless, Vanessa loved her food and dog.

Vanessa Guerra, meanwhile, has 5 feet 8 inches in height.

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