It’s quite ubiquitous that a mom-daughter duo is stronger than a dad-daughter duo. But, how far intimate have you seen a mom and a daughter go?

To shatter all the boundaries of intimacy between a mom and a daughter has returned the TLC reality show, sMothered, for its second season.

Among the six pairs of daughter and mom — including the previous seasons and newcomers — is the duo of Mary, mother, and Britanni, daughter. In the article below, find out about how close the mother-daughter duo has gotten in the show including Britanni’s birthday, relationship status, and net worth.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Last Name

This rather intimate relationship between Brittani and Mary that exists today started back when Brittani was a child and could not bathe herself.

In the long hours of the shower together, Britanni felt un unique confidence that it gave to her. Since then, Brittani and Mary have been sharing a shower together.

Brittani’s, whose age as of May 2020 was 20, birthday is not yet available yet on the Internet. Her full name, which is unknown to many people, is Brittani Cooper.

Brittani [sMothered] Wiki — Mom, Dad, Siblings

It would be rather useless to elaborate on the relationship between Brittani and her mom, Mary, considering we have seen how intimate the mother-duo went on the second season of sMothered.

Her relationship with her step-dad is quite the opposite. While there have been no reports of why Mary and her ex-husband divorced, Brittani certainly does not like her mom being with her new husband, Frank.

Brittani revealed how Frank always had a problem with the relationship between Mary and Brittani. Brittani also disclosed that she never went to their wedding, and in a way, she feels Frank is trying to take her mother, her best friend away from her.

There is no information as of June 2020 if Brittani has any siblings or not.

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Brittani [sMothered] Height, Surgery, Disease

It would be fair enough to say that Brittani’s physique imposed a barrier in Brittani’s physical as well as character development.

Brittani, who stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches, has always had weight issues. At an age where most of her counterparts were 90 pounds, she was 160 pounds. Her weight issue also made her quite unpopular among her peers.


Brittani before the surgery vs. Brittani after the surgery.

As Brittani revealed, there was nothing Brittani had not tried, from diets to physical exercise, but nothing was working for her.

That’s why she decided to take a chance and went through surgery. A week later after she turned, Brittani went through a gastric sleeve surgery, and to her surprise, it worked.

Within eight months of surgery, Brittani lost a massive 75 pounds and she is losing the unnecessary fat every day.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

There’s no question as to if Brittani, who is a part of sMothered Season 2, is available on social media platforms.

Out of all popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, she is only available on IG.

For the most part, Brittani uses her IG handle to remain in touch with her fans. She has a decent follower count of 14.7 thousand on her IG handle.

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Is Brittani From “Smothered” A Cop? Her Job, Net Worth

It was shown during the premiere of the second season of sMothered that Brittani aims to become a cop one day.

For that, she even passed her exams and stuff required for training at the police college.

But, there is one thing that can pose a problem for her, and no that is not her mom. Brittani’s proneness to panic attacks could come as a hurdle considering police officers often find themselves in panic arousing tasks.

Hopefully, Brittani will soon find a way to cope with her panic attacks and become one great cop one day.

To conclude, Brittani was banking on her job as a cop to solidify her under $100 thousand net worth.

Brittani [sMothered] Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship

Brittani and her mother Mary, 55, hailed from Jensen Beach, Florida. The mother-daughter did figuratively everything together, from sharing a bed to showers.

Talking with The New York Post, Brittani revealed that her intimacy with her mother always posed a problem with her friends. But, Brittani did not care what her friends had to say because she considered her mom everything.

In the same interview, Brittani revealed that the people her age were into stuff such as boyfriends, or relationships, or dating, but she chose to focus on herself.

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