Thanks to reality TV programs’ ever-growing popularity, people were able to witness the life story of one more “uncomfortably close” mother-daughter duo, Marcia Galan and Alena Galan.

The second-time renewed part of the TLC‘s sMothered saw three returning pairs from the first season joined by three brand-new mother-daughter pairs Mary and Brittani, Laurie and Sarah, and none other than Marcia and Alena.

Meanwhile, in the writing, we will get to know Marcia Galan who sees no boundaries when it comes to loving her daughter.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

At some point before the 20th of May 2020, Marcia Galan celebrated her 68th birthday. Although more details about her age still remained aloof. And so did her zodiac sign.

Marcia Galan Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Marcia Galan lost her mother soon before adopting her daughter, Alena. For this reason, she always believed that Alena was the ultimate gift from her now-deceased mother. She said—

“It was destiny and we were meant to be together. … Who could be closer than that — a match made in heaven, a gift from my mother!”

Marcia, originally from Westchester County, was yet to reveal her family background, parents, and siblings.

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Marcia Galan Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Marcia Galan stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Also, at some point, she weighed 57kg.

Marcia looks unbelievably gorgeous and stylish for her age.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Until late-June 2020, Marcia Galan had no more than 126 hundred followers on her Instagram account. New to the social media world and sharing her life on the platform, she seemed yet to be on Facebook and Twitter.

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Marcia Galan Job, Net Worth, sMothered

Until a reality television job came her way, Marcia Galan lived her life as a full-time mother. And for net worth, she had less than $500 thousand worth of assets.

TLC‘s sMothered is about mothers and daughters sharing very close bondings. Some of the pairs in the show took this relationship a step ahead by bathing and showering together. This is why Marcia Galan initially thought that the producers would never cast her and her daughter.


November of 2019 marked Alena Galan’s (18th years of) adoption anniversary (PIC: Alena’s IG)

So this had happened. Marcia talked to the producers that— she and Alena never showered together or did stuff like that— “so this might not work.” Her words being—

“I just said that’s the end of that. The day later, Alena ran into my room and said ‘they loved us.’ And I was like, ‘what do you mean they loved us? That’s impossible.’ So she said, ‘no, they want to cast us.’ So I said, ‘that can’t be.’ That was it.”

And this was the best thing that could happen, especially to Marcia’s daughter who dreamt of a great deal regarding a job in the entertainment industry.

Apart from her MBA, Alena was always hopeful for a career in the entertainment business. And now that she is part of it, someday in the future, she might just be singing and writing and recording her own music. At the same time, she also aspired to be on more TV shows and movies.

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Marcia Galan Husband, Boyfriend, Daughter

Marcia Galan and her bubbly, energetic daughter insisted on the fact that their tight bond never presented a problem to their respective romantic partners.

And this, Marcia, makes sure that anyone she dates understands. She said—

“I wouldn’t date somebody like that [who didn’t understand]. I wouldn’t tolerate that.”

However, it was not known until then, if Marcia has been married at some point in life or if she was lately dating a boyfriend.

What was known at the time is, she lived in Dalmeny Rd, Briarcliff Manor, New York, the United States.

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