Shep Rose is a businessman (a restaurant owner) and a reality star of Bravo‘s series Southern Charm. Southern Charm follows seven wealthy residents of Charleston, South Carolina as they go about in their days.

Read the article below about one of the accomplished and wealthy people, Shep Rose. Also, find the details of Shep’s wife/girlfriend.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Shep Rose was born on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on 27 September 1980. It meant he was 40 years of age as of October 2020.

With her birthday on 27 September, Shep’s zodiac sign was Libra.

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Shep Rose Wiki: Family, Parents, Siblings

Shep Rose was born as William Shepard Rose III to parents William Shepard Rose Jr. and Frances Rose. He regards both of his parents very highly, albeit in different ways. In an interview, Shep said that his father was a very kind person. He never told Shep that he was disappointed in him, never.

In the same interview, Shep also said that his mother was a strong person who raised him and his siblings almost single-handedly.

Shep was actually born into a wealthy family with a background in business. His father was a successful lawyer, while his paternal grandfather was an international steel businessman. His mother’s side of the family invented the railroads in Chicago. And his maternal grandfather was a Federal Judge in Alabama.

Talking about his siblings, Shep Rose had two siblings: an elder sister called Katie and a younger brother called Whitaker. Both of his siblings were lawyers practicing in Charlotte, North Carolina. His sisters had three daughters of her own, Louisa, Rosy, and Boo.

His brother also had a wife and two kids of his own, a son Whitaker Jr. and a baby girl called Mimi.

Shep Rose Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Shep Rose was a very tall guy and stood at an impressive height of 6 ft 4 inches. He was also a heavyset person and weighted over 86 kgs, or 189 lbs.

Shep’s distinct features included handsome facial features, a charming smile, curly all over the place hair, and a sonorous laugh.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Yes, Shep was present on social media platforms, but he wasn’t just present, he was massive. For a reality TV celebrity, Shep’s social media base was laudable.

On Instagram, where his handle was called ‘relationshep’, Shep had 806k followers. Such a huge success was also due to the frequency of his posts. Shep had a total of 2k+ posts, which included the photos with his family and friends as well as the photos of his dogs.

Similarly, Shep quite large on Twitter as well, although not as large as on Instagram. On Twitter, he had 183k followers. Shep also had a Facebook page, which had 56k likes and 96k followers.

Shep Rose Net Worth, House, Southern Charm

Now let us talk about the big money of Shep Rose, but first of all, let us talk about his education. After graduating from high school, Shep went to Vanderbilt University for his college education. After finishing his undergraduate education, he got an MBA. Apart from Vanderbilt, Shep Rose also took some classes at the University of Georgia.

After finishing his MBA, Shep started on his own path of business. Over the years, he attempted to succeed at various business ventures, real estate, clothing line, restaurant business. It was the latter, the restaurant business, that Shep found his success–and later fame.

Shep owned a restaurant called Palace Hill in Charleston, South Carolina. Palace Hill was a local hotspot of the city. The restaurant not only brought Shep money but it also allowed him to appear in a reality show.

Shep had been appearing as one of the main casts of Southern Charm for seven seasons. For the seventh season, the salary per episode to the cast members was increased. The shootings for the seventh season was going on before the COVID lockdowns. When the restrictions were eased, the shooting continued and the season was set to air on 29 October 2020.

Thanks to the business success, the reality show, and of course family money, Shep Rose had made his own net worth of $4 million. Shep also had a magnificent House with, according to, a minimalist theme. The house had incredible furniture, fine decors, an over-growing garden, and so much more.

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Shep Rose Girlfriend, Wife, Children

When it came to girlfriends, Shep Rose was a “playboy”. Back in 2014, the first season of Southern Charm, he had hooked up a few times with the co-star Kathryn Dennis.

During the course of the show, Shep also had some flings with another cast member Chelsea Meissner.

Interestingly, Shep made a TV series called relationshep in 2017, chronicling his quest for love. In the show, Shep seemed to have a girlfriend he could fall in love with Bella Clark. Although Shep and Bella looked so meant for each other, they eventually split in 2018 after a very short-lived relationship.

Shep was then dating a girlfriend Taylor Ann Green. Taylor Ann Green was confirmed as his girlfriend in May 2020. Taylor had only just moved to Charleston about a year before and Shep met her at Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island.

The two of them instantly hit it off but apparently, they were taking things slow.


Shep Rose and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green celebrating the birthday of his dog circa August 2020 (PC: Shep’s IG)

As Taylor was not ready to settle down, the possibility of her becoming Seph’s wife shortly was not possible. However, it was possible a long way in the future.

As of 2020, Shep had no children of his own.

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