Michael Dodd rose to fame as the husband of the reality show star, Kelly Dodd. His wife Kelly starred in the show Real Housewives of Orange County, which got Michael to the next level of fame.

Later on, the relationship complications between the two also made the story of Michael and Kelly quite famous among the reality TV audience. Know more about his net worth, Michael, as an individual, and about his new girlfriend!

Michael Dodd Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Michael Dodd reached the age of 61 on his 2020 birthday. The 3rd April 1959 born man is Aries by his zodiac.

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Michael Dodd Wiki — Family, Early Life, Nationality

Michael Dodd never unwrapped details on his early family life. Although Michael has revealed his nationality as an American, his early life with his family has always been concealed.

Whatsoever, Michael tries to welcome the discussions on his present life and relationships, despite not having a stable one always.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Michael Dodd is tall enough at a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Similarly, his weight of above 80 kgs helps him vindicate perfect looks.

Michael still doesn’t lack the charm in himself and appears with a glammed-up look. Also, his distinct features including his smile and his delightful personality have helped him summon more and more fans every day.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Social Media has never been Michael’s business. Michael is a busy man, with a growing business on his hands. Committed to his work and his personal life, he doesn’t seem interested in social media.

Some of his followers want him to be on Twitter at least to share his business ideas as well as about his personal life. However, neither Twitter nor Facebook or Instagram seems to have intrigued Michael. Maybe the man is already aware of the unnecessary wastage of time he could experience, being on any kind of social media.

Whatsoever, keeping in mind the good aspects of social media, there is always a possibility anyone can appear on Facebook at least, to connect with one’s family plus well-wishers.

Michael Dodd Net Worth, Job, Businesses

Michael Dodd endorsed multiple businesses throughout. Since his initial days after completing his education, he started up with managing job.

Michael finished his BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University in the year 1981. Soon in February 1982 he joined Reliant Energy and started working as a Purchasing Manager. After working there for nearly 8 years, Michael started working as a Managing Director at Compaq. His job in the company lasted1-year lasting jobs.

However, in the year 2005, Michael joined LeapFrog as President & Chief Operating  Officer. His job in the company lasted for nearly 11 years. Then, from September 2017 to February 2018, Michael worked as an Advisor at Stealth Automatic Speech Recognition Start-up. Micheal’s work as an advisor most probably gave him the experience of never before, as the man began as the CEO at SlideCatcher.

From all his work experiences, Michael Dodd certainly deserves his net worth of over $15 million.

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Michael Dodd & Kelly Dodd: Married, Divorce, Kids

Michael Dodd was married to the reality show star, Kelly Dodd for 11 years. The two met in 2004 and got married happily. Together, Michael and Kelly had a daughter, Jolie.

During her times in the reality show, Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly had mentioned that Michael was a good father to their daughter. However, their 2018 split turned many things upside down.

Michael and Kelly were near divorced in 2012 as well. But, they reconciled and the relationship lasted for more than 5 years. The differences started showing in 2014 when Kelly charged Michael for Domestic Violence. Later, with it getting messier, the two finally decided to split. Despite their divorce proceedings, they were not on bad terms, but after August 2019, there were public arguments between the two.

Kelly became engaged to her new boyfriend in November 2019. During the time, she revealed that Michael was jealous of her relationship with Rick Leventhal. Rick, the Fox News contributor, married to Kelly on 10th October 2020. Already a father of 2 kids, Rick seemed happy to be fathering Kelly’s daughter Jolie, her maid of honor during their wedding.

Is Michael Dodd Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

After his divorce from his ex-wife, Kelly, there was news of Michael Dodd dating Laura White. Laura, originally from Newport Beach, was the mother of 4 children when came the rumors of her dating him.

Probably, Kelly’s fellow cast member Vicki Dunvalson set Michael up with Laura. Although Michael never confirmed his relationship with her publicly, many sources revealed that the couple was viewed together during certain events. One of the few on the list was Laura’s 39th birthday.

Altogether with the gossips of Michael’s new girlfriend, the reports on their age difference also made a buzz on the internet. Laura is 20 years younger than Michael. Hereinafter their relationship kept love at the height, and age, not a factor, alongside many young lovers.

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