Luhkye rose to fame as the boyfriend of the well-known social media star influencer, Kayla Nicole Jones (Nicole Tv). His loving nature has captivated people, thus the man gained support from them from his very first appearance.

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Luhkye Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Kayla’s boyfriend, Luhkye has not revealed much of his personal details. His age and birthday, followed by his zodiac were under wraps for a long time. However, there have been reports of Luhkye’s age being somewhere between 19 and 21 years.

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Luhkye Wiki — Real Name, Family, Hometown

Similar to the details regarding his age and birthday, Luhkye is yet to reveal about his early family life. He was born in an African-American family, which is the only certain fact about him. Also, there is no info available on Lukhye’s hometown or even the place where he was raised.

Although his real name has been a matter of secret too, he is often referred to as Kye or Kyekye. Hence, there is a probability that Luhkye’s real name is Kyekye.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

As an Instagram star, Luhkye doesn’t seem to be much interested in Facebook and Twitter. His personality goes best with IG and the man seems to know it very well.

Luhkye shares his day to day life with his fans on IG. His well-wishers appreciate him, alongside his partner for their confident approach to life. Many get inspired by what they do and thank them for breaking the ice with the progressive mindset.

Thus, up until February 2021, he had more than 154K followers on Luhkye’s IG account.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Luhkye is tall enough at the height of 5 feet 10 inches. He stands a weight of 78 kgs which goes perfectly, not only with his height but his other distinct features.

Luhkye’s hair as well as his teeth have been a matter of concern to his followers. The shimmery golden impression on his teeth polishes his features and makes him look unique.

In addition to his long matted hair and unique teeth are his tattoos. Luhkye has tattoos all over his arms which intensifies his already distinct features.

Luhkye Job, Net Worth, Songs

By job, Luhkye is a musician. Although he has not revealed much about his career and goals, some of his songs have been out in public. One of those is the song Hardaway by the artist Quoncho that features Luhkye.

Not many songs of him have been out in public. He’s a young man and just at the beginning of his huge career. So, he must have many musical plans for his future.

Thus, as Luhkye has remained secretive about his job and career details, his net worth is also undisclosed to the public. But, Luhkye already has a huge following on his social media, which slightly confirms that the man will have a great career.

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Luhkye & Kayla Nicole Jones: Dating, Baby, Wedding

As of 2021, Luhkye was dating the famous IG star, Kayla Nicole Jones, who had more than 5 million followers. Their relationship details were mostly concealed until the couple announced their pregnancy. Thus, info about how Luhkye and Kayla meet and started dating has been a secret.

However, most reports unveil that Luhkye has been the biggest fan of Kayla. It is quite apparent on his social media too, where he’s all praises for the star. Luhkye also keeps telling her that, she would become the biggest star someday.

Further, the pregnancy announcement was quite a surprise to Luhkye and Kayla’s fans. Most of them couldn’t believe that the young influencer could be pregnant. However, the truth is he and Kayla were set to have a baby by 2020.

Luhkye poses with his then-girlfriend, Kayla, who flaunts her baby bump. (Pic: Luhkye’s Instagram)

In February 2021, Luhkye became a father after Kayla gave birth to a baby boy. Marking the milestone, he took it to IG and shared two photos of his newborn. In the caption, he called his son “my twin”.

Moreover, with the baby news, came concerns about their marriage. By early 2021, the  However, the couple doesn’t seem to have planned their wedding anytime soon. Their fans believe that they would share the news with them if they prepare for their wedding.

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