The Great British Bake Off (also called Bake Off) is probably one of the best cooking reality show currently on television. And Marc Elliot was one of the most beloved contestants of the 2020 season of The Great British Bake Off.

Read the article below to know more about Marc Elliot and what a lovely person he was.

Marc Elliott Age, Birthday, Zodiac

While the exact birthday of Marc was not known, as of October 2020, Marc was 51 years of age.

Since his exact birthday was not known, Marc’s zodiac sign was also unknown.

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Marc Elliott Wiki — Family, Hometown, Early Life

Marc was born and raised in Leicester, England. Almost nothing was known about Marc Elliot’s early life nor his family. His current family, i.e. his two daughters, were in the public eye but Marc did not seem too keen to share information about his parents.

From what little was known about his early life, Marc’s childhood was not limited to his hometown. During his early life (childhood as well as adolescence), Marc traveled around the world, climbing mountains.

He finally returned to the UK and settled in Cornwall. He currently lived in St Eval, Cornwall.

Height, Weight, What Happened To His Leg?

Marc Elliott is a guy with average height. He stood at a height of 5 ft 9 inches. He weighed over 81 kgs.

Among the things that made fans really loved Marc, was the fact that he had lost his left leg and he was still full of love for life and wishing to push hard regardless of his disability.

Marc had lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident a long time ago. In fact, it was the accident and the loss of his leg that prompted Marc to start baking. After such a traumatic experience, baking was a form of therapy for Marc.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Yes, Marc was present on social media platforms. However, his presence was very limited. On Instagram, where his username was marc_o_bakes, Marc had 6k followers. He had 45 posts in total on Instagram, most of which were about things he had baked or about mountain climbing.

Marc was not present on Twitter or Facebook. However, there was a page of Marc’s company called Joromon (see next section). The page had 208 likes and the same number of followers.

Marc Elliott Job, Net Worth, Bake Off

Coming to his job, Marc’s incredibly caring nature made him appropriate for the job of a support worker. There was no information about how much salary Marc earned as a support worker.

Moreover, Mark was also a Bronze Resin sculptor. He had his own company called Jaromoon. According to Jaromoon’s Facebook page, “Jaromoon creates handmade sculptures with love and craftsmanship, on the wild and windswept Cornish Coast.”

Furthermore, Marc also loved Baking. And that love has been translated into fame and recognition. His great talents as a baker earned him a spot in the 11th season of The Great British Bake Off. In fact, Marc was judged as a star-baker in the third episode of the Bake Off.

Finally, although it is more of a hobby than a profession, Marc loved rock climbing. He had stopped climbing when he lost his legs. However, in recent times he had licked it one more time.

According to our sources on the internet, Marc’s total net worth was above $200 thousand.

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Marc Elliott Wife, Daughter, Married

Marc Elliott had kept most of his personal life personal. He was very unwilling to share the intimate details of his wife and daughters. Based on the information from major British media, Marc was a single father with two beautiful daughters.

Marc was once married and had a wife. However, things did not go well in his married life. And now, his ex-wife was no longer in the picture. Marc had not revealed who she was and where she was now.

Marc was very close to his daughters. He took both of his daughters to the safe bubble for The Great British Bake Off. And when he won the star-baker on the third episode of the show, both of his daughters hugged him in happiness.

Marc said that he was doing the Bake Off because he wanted to inspire his daughters that they could achieve anything despite all the challenges.

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