Michael Kelcourse is Bravo TV’s Southern Charm’s beloved unofficial cast member. His capability to provide service has made him a fan favorite and adored by most casts. His relationship with Patricia Altschul goes back way further, 17 years to be exact.

Still, fans have so much to learn about him including his relationship status and life with Patricia. So, delve into this Michael Kelcourse wiki! (Adipex)

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Michael Kelcourse Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Michael Kelcourse turned 67 years old while celebrating his birthday in October of 2020. His birthday falls every year on 13 October. Moreover, Michael owned Libra as his zodiac sign. The sign bestows character traits such as kind, gentle, and friendly as the ones that define him perfectly.

Michael Kelcourse Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Michael Kelcourse was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown in Michigan, the United States. While the facts regarding his parents remain anonymous, a few of the sites on the internet suggested, he is the son of Paul Allan Kelcourse and Sandra Marvie Kelcourse.

If that stands true then, Michael Kelcourse lost his father on 28 March 2014. His obituary was posted on where his wife commented,

“I vividly remember the day I met you and the day I lost you, as well as many of the special days in between! You are still living in my heart and mind. Love, Sandy.”

Other members of Michael’s family also include Loanna Harris, Michael’s aunt.

Talking about Michael’s education, he attended Lahser High School. Later on, Michael attended Washtenaw Community College.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Michael Kelcourse doesn’t appear to be very interested in being on social media. His public profile could only be located on Facebook and even that platform shares very little about him.

Other than that, Michael’s presence on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter remains obscure to many. And the possibility remains, he is not on the platform at all.

Height, Weight, Stroke

A bald man with gray hair, Michael puts on eyeglasses for better vision. He is absolutely adorable from outer appearances and seems to be very gentle and of caring nature.

Talking about height, Michael Kelcourse stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 82 kilograms (180 lbs) because of his well-built physique and muscles.

In late-February 2021, Whitney Sudler-Smith revealed that Michael Kelcourse suffered an acute spinal cord stroke. The stroke caused significant nerve damage and impairment.

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Michael Kelcourse Net Worth, House, Southern Charm

Growing up in Michigan, Michael was big into reading. Soon after graduating the community college, he started working in a nursing home. His loving and caring nature eventually helped him build a career in taking care of people.

Talking more about his early career with The Glampad, he shared that he went to career service at high school. He was told that the Nederlander Theater needed a mother’s helper/father’s footman.

Michael loved what he did was invited to the further events that followed. However, he never knew a viable career could be built out of it. At the age of 23, his dad arranged an apprenticeship in Ireland in a gourmet restaurant. He also got further training in England. The experience drew him even further to the career in service that also paid him handsomely.

Before Michael met Patricia Altschul, he worked for Mrs. Lillian Bostwick for 13 years until she passed away. She considered him as one of her prized employees. As he noted in the interview with DECIDER, her family helped American billionaire, Mr. Rockefeller, to build standard oil.

But after that, fate intervened and Michael Kelcourse ended up meeting the Southern Charm star. As reported, Patricia was looking for a butler for her waterfront estate in Oyster Bay, New York. Immediately after meeting Michael, Patricia asked him to work for her even though his contract with the Bostwick household wasn’t done.

Michael Kelcourse has been working with Southern Charm star Patricia Altschul for 17 years as of this article. After being introduced as Souther Charm unofficial cast member, people wanted to know where he lived.

Fans of the show consider Patricia’s Charleston butler as an honorary cast member. He serves as the head of the staff. As it turns out, Michael lived in a cottage on the property that was built in the late-1700s. The house after remodeling has been well-furnished with a bedroom and bathroom, a living room, a dining area with a fireplace, and of course a chef’s kitchen.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he also helped as a hairstylist. He is also famously known for serving his signature martini and dry sense of humor making him a fan favorite.

For his dedication to the service, she also received a comparison with Henry from Dead Ringer. With his service for the socialites for over 35 years, Michael made quite an earning and pooled a net worth of a little over $500 thousand.

Michael Kelcourse Wife, Married, Patricia Altschul

Michael Kelcourse dedicated half of his life to the service of others. As his Facebook suggested, he is single but the question remains, has he married before? Does he have a wife?

Well, that too remains obscure as of this writing. Nevertheless, Michael is always present when Patricia Altschul requires relationship advice. During Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’s interview, fellow guest Kristin Chenoweth had to guess what unspeakable tasks Michael performed for Patricia. In the show, Patricia stated that he never had to dump her suitor as she is perfectly capable of doing that. She also mentioned that she and Michael never shared a cocktail as he doesn’t drink.

Along with an adorable relationship with Patricia, Michael is also very close to Cameran and Whitney. While he considers Cameran as his own daughter and is always ready to help her. Likewise, Michael shares the same nature of the relationship with Whitney and considers him as her step-son.

While taking a weekend off from work, Michael can be found in his cottage spending time with 4 dogs and 5 feral cats.

But fans, as you know, never hold back on creating rumors. Some even considered them as a couple dating secretly. However, both Patricia and Michael confirmed they don’t have anything going on.

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