Rebecca Tessitore is the wife of Joe Tessitore. While Joe is a renowned sports commentator, very little info is available on Rebecca.

As such, this Rebecca Tessitore wiki tries to highlight the facts about Joe Tessitore’s wife including her age, job, and net worth. What’s more, keep scrolling to learn about her maiden name, Instagram, and height.

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Rebecca Tessitore Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Per, Rebecca Tessitore turned 49 years of age in October 2020.

Also, Rebecca was born a Scorpio and grew up celebrating her birthday on 30th Oct.

Several months older than Rebecca, Joe Tessitore turned 50 in Jan 2021.

Rebecca Tessitore Wiki — Family, Hometown, Maiden Name

Rebecca was born to parents: John Vincent “Jack” McDonnell and  Paula Grant McDonnell. She considered Cheshire, Connecticut as her hometown.

What’s more, her maiden name is McDonell. Meanwhile, Grant is her middle name.

Rebecca grew up alongside a sister named Alison. A long time ago, Alison married a man named Dalton Velez. They went on to have 2 daughters: Gabriela and Crystal.

In Dec 2014, Rebecca’s father, John Vincent passed away at the age of 75.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

If one were to make a genuine attempt to describe her physical stats, Rebecca stood no taller than 5 feet 6 inches in height.

On the other hand, her weight hovered under 55 kilograms.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of Jan 2021, Rebecca didn’t seem to be on Instagram. We also couldn’t find her Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Interestingly, Rebecca also didn’t pop up on Joe’s social media posts.

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Rebecca Tessitore Job, Net Worth, Education noted Rebecca’s job as a homemaker. Meanwhile, stated her net worth to be anywhere between $100k-250k.

Be that as it may, Rebecca could easily lay claim to her husband’s multi-million fortune. Reportedly, Joe enjoyed $5 million in wealth.

While Joe attended Boston College, Rebecca remained mum on her academic credentials.

Rebecca & Joe Tessitore: Dating, Wedding, Son

Joe Tessitore, who is a New Yorker, met his wife, Rebecca in Wallingford, CT. The city also served as the backdrop for their blooming early romance.

Following a dating bliss, Joe asked Rebecca to marry him. The logical next step after the engagement was to think about their wedding and kids. However, there arose a problem.

Joe had lost his baby sister to cystic fibrosis at a young age. He saw himself as a carrier of the disease. In his interview, Joe explained— “I’m a carrier. I can produce the disease. Rebecca is not a carrier. We went to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center when we got engaged to have her tested.”

The famed ESPN personality continued— “We would have adopted if she was a carrier. We are blessed to have two healthy children.”

Yes, indeed! Joe and Rebecca welcomed their firstborn, a son around 2006. They named him John. Interestingly, John would join Joe’s alma mater as a kicker.

3 years after giving birth to her son, Rebecca gave birth to a daughter named Nicolina.

Back to Rebecca and Joe’s romance, the duo got married before 2008.

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