Billy Cutolo Jr is the son of New York’s mob boss William ‘Wild Bill’ Cutolo. He joined MTV for the show Families of the Mafia with his family to share their stories. Learn more about his life, career, wife, and kids with this Billy Cutolo Jr. Wiki.

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Billy Cutolo Jr On Families of the Mafia

Billy Cutolo Jr starred in the MTV show Families of the Mafia in 2021. He appeared on the show with his two kids: Bills Cutolo and Layla Cutolo. The kids shared their experience going through the witness protection program when they were young. As for Billy Jr, he promised the story as a son of a mafia boss.

However, early on, it remained unclear if his wife would appear on the show or not.

Billy Cutolo Jr Age

Billy Cutolo Jr. was 50 years old (as of July 2021). He celebrates his birthday every year on 5 October every year. Moreover, he secured Libra as his zodiac sign.

His Mom, Dad, Siblings

William Cutolo Jr. AKA Billy Cutolo Jr. was born to his dad William “Wild Bill” Cutolo and his mom Margurite Butera.

His father, William was a mob underboss who was known as Billy Fingers and Wild Bill of the Colombo crime family. He was second in command to Carmine ‘The Snake’ Persico, who occupied the number one slot.

As Billy recalled, his father was a man of respect and four crime families of New York knew this. He had survived numerous attempts on his life throughout his many years on the streets. He also survived through a gangland civil war between two factions of the Colombo family in which over a dozen men were killed and numerous others went to jail with lengthy prison terms.

However, on 26 May 1999, William went missing. As a son and a close confidant, Billy found it weird that his father disappeared without letting him know about it. Later, it was brought to the light that his father was murdered in a mob hit ordered by Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli and Alphonse (Allie Boy) Persico.

It was testified by Dino Calabro and other mafia members years later in the court in 2012.

During Thomas Gioeli’s prosecution, Dino testified that he summoned William to meet with Colombo crime boss at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Massapequa in Long Island. As he went inside, Thomas shot him in the head and he fell backward into the closet.

William’s father’s possessions were mixed with the bucket full of concrete and dumped off a Brooklyn Pier. Whereas, his body was wrapped in a garbage bag, hog-tied, and buried in Farmingdale, Long Island.

Meanwhile, his mom, Margurite was very dear to him but, she passed away in mid-October of 2013.

Talking about siblings; Billy Cutolo Jr had two sisters and a half-sister from his father’s second marriage with Bette Anne Fox, from Brooklyn.

His Height

Billy Cutolo Jr stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). He keeps long dark hair in the past but as he aged, his hair turned grey and his muscular body started getting wrinkles. The one distinct feature about him was the tattoo on his chest.

Billy Cutolo Jr Instagram

Coming to social media reach, Billy Cutolo Jr is on Instagram where she goes by the name (@billcutolo). As of July 2021, he was on Instagram with 1,078 followers with 242 posts. He was also on Facebook where he updates posts regularly.

However, Billy couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Billy Cutolo Jr Job, Net Worth

From 1982 to 2008, Billy Cutolo Jr worked for his father and did nothing besides that. As of 2021, very few knew about his job title. Surely, his net worth surpassed $450K net worth.

He attended Kingsborough Community College in 1990. He graduated from the college with a BBA degree in 1992. For most of his early life, he worked as a confidant to his second-in-command father.

But, after his father’s death, Billy and his family were under the witness protection program. FBI agents planned to continue searching the site this week with cadaver dogs. They were looking for the remains of mobster Richard Greaves and Pace University student Carmine Gargano.

The feds used incriminating tapes secretly made by Billy, who wore a wire for the feds to avenge his father’s death. Together, they worked towards an undercover mission called Operation Payback.

Soon after Wild Bill disappeared, John (Jackie) DeRoss, former underboss went to his Staten Island mansion, looking for hidden cash. He even took over Wild Bill’s Friendly Bocce social club on 11th Ave. in Brooklyn. Cutolo witnessed a falling-out with the feds and his family but was back on speaking terms with his mother, who testified against Persico and DeRoss.

Billy stated that he had considered killing his father’s murderers. However, he chose to help put them in jail because his father believed rotting behind the bars was worse than death.

Does Billy Cutolo Jr Have A Wife?

Yes, Billy Cutolo Jr has a wife, but not many details surfaced regarding his married life. But, according to his birthday post from 2020, he is a father of three kids. Two of his kids are Bills Cutolo and Layla Marie Cutolo.

Bills Cutolo is non-binary. They work as portrait, editorial, and behind-the-scenes photographers. Also, they graduated from UCLA and runs a website named “bills media”. They celebrate their birthday every year on 4 May.

Talking about relationships, Bills is dating Sienna Elenora and has been together for three years (July 2021).

As for his daughter, Layla Cutolo graduated high school in 2019. She is very close to her father and can be discovered on Instagram on (@laylacutolo).

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