Often referred to as “Lesbian comedian” rather than her first name, Mae Martin stands amongst the best if not the best comedian in the world.

Mae was the youngest ever nominee for the “Tim Sims Encouragement Fund: Award and won a “Canadian Screen Award” for writing on Canada’s CBS all-female comedy series “Baroness Von Sketch Show”.

As of 2020, Mae toured all over the world and appeared in many hit television program performing her special comedy items. Also, the article below outlines her gender identity, net worth, and partner details!

Mae Martin Gender

Mae Martin was always surrounded by the question of what gender she identified as looking at the way she presented herself.

She was often seen with a short boy haircut and had a unique way to herself. Keeping all those things in mind the majority of people took her as a guy while the rest thought of her as a lady.

Amidst all this confusion, Mae had a say about her sexuality herself. She quoted: “I think it’s the way of the future that people will label their sexualities less and less. I think we are moving away from distinct categories. I don’t want to say I’m one thing in case next year I decide I’m straight. Things are changing so fast, people are experiencing a sense of vertigo.”

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Mae Martin Partner, Dating, Girlfriend

Mae Martin was not someone who labeled her sexuality and dated both male and female partners throughout her life.

However, as of March 2020, she was in a relationship with a girlfriend, whose identity was unknown.

While Mae did not identify the girl she was dating a few glimpses of her romantic side could be seen from her new Channel 4 show “Feel Good” where the plot of the story surrounds the relationship between Mae and her on-screen girlfriend Charlotte Ritchie.


Mae Martins Charlotte Ritchie on February 2020 (Pic: Mae’s Instagram)

The on-screen chemistry between the two was quick to grab the fan’s attention and create quite the buzz on the internet.

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Mae Martin Net Worth, TV Shows, Movies

While Mae Martin was considered a specialist comedian, standups were not the only thing that justified her capability.

Her strong writing skills and storytelling capabilities were what captivated the audience. Also, the touch of humor was the icing on the cake for the Canadian.

Apart from performing in gigs, comedy central, and other standups programs, Mae also started her journey in acting at the age of 16. Her television debut came on The comedy Network’s “Cream of Comedy”.

From then onwards, Mae was featured in many other TV Shows with “Feel Good” which is the latest one as of 2020.

According to reports online, Mae flaunted around $1 million in net worth.

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Height, Weight, Social Media Reach

Talking about Mae Martin’s physical appearance, she possesses a slender body with no extra weights that compliment her height of around 5 feet 5 inches beautifully.

As of March 2020, Mae maintained a sound social media presence with 48.6K followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, she enjoyed 38K followers on Twitter.

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Family, Siblings, Parents

Mae Martin was born on 2 May 1987 in Toronto, Canada to parents Wendy and James. Alongside her parents, she grew up with her sibling brother Joseph before moving permanently to in London 2010.

Before that, Mae attended Improvisation and sketch comedy for four years, but eventually dropped out of school at the age of 14 to pursue a career in comedy.

It was her parents who introduced Mae to comedy for the first time at the age of 13. Since then her only purpose in life was making people laugh.

While she was successful in doing that, it also revolutionized her career in a completely different way. She was into drugs at a young age and did some pretty bizarre things in her life.

Eventually, Mae’s purpose in life — which was performing — helped her overcome all the burdens and become successful in life.

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