This time around, we have brought to you an article about Kountry Wayne. And although Kountry Wayne wanted to be a musician, he became famous as a comedian, both as a standup performer as well as a sketch artist.

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How Old Is He?

Well, as of May 2021, Kourtney Wayne was 33 years old. He was born on 09 December 1987. Having his birthday on the 9th of December, Kountry’s zodiac sign was Sagittarius.

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Kountry Wayne Bio — Brother, Parents, Real Name

Kountry Wayne’s real name is Wayne Colley, but he went around with Kountry Wayne and sometimes even King Country Wayne. In some movies, he took credit as Dewayne Colley as well. His stage name “Kountry” came from him growing up in the country. Kountry hails from Milen, Georgia. And, he is a vegan.

There wasn’t much information about his parents. About his mother, there was zero information. There was a little bit known about his father because Kountrey talked about him in an interview. But his name was not available.

Kountry was very close to his father. During an interview, Kountry said that his father supported him when he was starting his music career, both in terms of moral and financial support. He also mentioned that currently his father in prison and he was in prison once before.

Apart from his parents, Kountry has four half-siblings in the family. All of his siblings were brothers. According to his siblings’ IGs, their names were D’Arby, QB, Crenshaw Colley, Prince Tay. His siblings were from the same father but different mothers.

Kountry Wayne Height, Weight

Kountry Wayne stood at a height of over 5 ft 11 inches. In terms of her weight, however, Kountry was not very heavyweight, a weight of under 79 kgs.

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His Social Media Reach

Social media, especially Instagram and Youtube, was a major outlet for Kountry’s comedy. On Instagram, he had over 2200 posts and over 2.8m followers by 15th May 2021.

Moreover, on Twitter, he had a total of 53.2k followers. On his Facebook page, he had almost 6.2m followers. Similarly, he also had a YouTube channel with 234k subscribers.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth

Some sources have pointed out that as of 2021, Kountry Wayne’s net worth was over $2 million.

As we already said, Kountry was a comedian who was mostly known for his comedy sketches on Instagram. In fact, it was on Facebook he tasted the first bit of success. At the time when he was pursuing a career as a rapper, Kountry posted a comedy video on Facebook and became viral. And then he changed his career from music to comedy.

He is also a standup artist, with a record of performing in various comedy circuits. In fact, starting at the beginning of 2021, Kountry was going on a nationwide comedy tour. He was performing in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, and more.

Apart from his comedy performances, he had also appeared in a few movies like Holliday Heartbreak, The Turnaround, and a movie-short, Brazilian Wavy. He had also appeared on a couple of TV series like Wild ‘N Out and DJ Smallz Eyes as himself. Furthermore, he was also the producer of the movie Holliday Heartbreak.

Kountry also had his own merch, which was quite popular. There were hoodies and T-shirts with the phrase, “Let That Sizzle in Your Spirit” written on the front. There was also his signature on his merch.

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Kountry Wayne Wife, Baby Mamas, Kids

Do you, dear readers, want to be shocked? Well, here is a shocker, Kountry Wayne is the father of nine kids. Yes, you heard it right, nine kids. By 2017, he had 8 kids from 5 baby mamas. And they were very close together.

Kountry became a father for the first time at 17. By 18, he had 2 kids with the same baby mother. The comic had 3 kids by 19. When he was 21/22, Kountry had already 5 kids.

According to Kountry Wayne, being a father at a young age motivated him. It even inspired him to strive for more and provide for his ever-so-growing brood.

At the age of 33, having nine kids can only mean that Kountry had had a lot of Baby Mamas. Well, one of his Baby Mamas was his ex-wife Gena Colley. Gena and Kountry had two kids together by 2017.

Kountry was married to his wife, Gena Colley from 2017 to 2019. They separated in late 2018 and they were divorced by 2019. Kountry had a good relationship with Gena still after the divorce.

There was no information about other Baby Mamas of Kountry, neither is there much information about Kountry’s kids. Admittedly, for the most part, his baby mothers got along pretty well.

Who Is Kountry Wayne Girlfriend?

But there is a great deal of information about Kountry Wayne’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Moore, more popularly known as Jess Hilarious. Jess was also a standup comedian like Kountry.

Jess and Kountry started dating in early 2019 when, according to reports, Kountry was still legally married to his ex-wife Gina. Gina even posted her marriage certificate to prove that. However, Jess claimed that Kountry had shown her divorce papers in 2018.

There was a lot of drama but Jess and Kountry started to date and Kountry got a divorce from Gena. But the even more interesting thing was that Jess dumped him about a month later, during Valentine’s day.

Well, during Valentine’s day, Kountry spent a little time with his kids, and with one of his Baby Mamas. Well, that did not sit well with Jess. She did not want him spending time with his exes and he did it anyway. So, she dumped him, suddenly and for good.

There was no information about what happened to that relationship since Valentine’s Day 2019.


The Good vibes between Kountry and his girlfriend Jess during Valentine’s day before she dumped him (PC:

As of 2021, Kountry Wayne was living in Southern Georgia and running two businesses. There was no information about any new girlfriends in the picture.

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