If you are a fan of TLC‘s My Big, Fat Fabulous Life, then, for sure, it is true that you are invested in the relationship between Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore.

Fans were baffled when Whitney recently revealed that they have called off their engagement because Chase was expecting a child with his former girlfriend. Needless to say, fans are interested to know about Chase’s baby mama?

Find out about Chase’s wiki, net worth, his baby mama, and many more in this article as we dig deep into his life.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Chase Severino’s age, as of late-2020, was 30. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Per, Chase was born in the year 1990 and celebrates his birthday on 7th June.

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Chase Severino Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Per reports online, Chase Severino was born to parents: Dorian Severino (mother) and Harry Severino (father).

A graduate of Marshall University, Harry passed away in 2014. Moreover, he held the job of a sales consultant at an unnamed car dealership.

Also, we can get a glimpse of how close Chase is with his sister and was in the case of his grandfather’s.

Kylie, Chase’s only sibling, gets all the love from his brother. Also, Chase remembered his grandpa in his Instagram handle after he passed out on October 30, 2014.

Chase Severino Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Chase might be the hottest and handsome looking guy in the whole of Severino’s family. Very fit and healthy, it’s easy to guess that Chase spends a whole lotta time in the gym.

Chase Severino stands at an exact height of 6 feet and weighs around 89 kilograms. Any further distinct features about him are not available on the Internet.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

It would be fair enough to say that Chase Severino has a decent social media presence. As of Nov 2020, he was only available on Instagram.

Thanks to his frequent posts, we can keep track of what things have been going around in Chase’s life. He’s got himself a whopping 75.5 thousand followers on Instagram.

Chase Severino Job, Net Worth

There’s not much information on what Chase did after he was done with his formal-education. For those of you who don’t know, Chase has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

As per his LinkedIn account, Chase worked for approximately three years as a revenue field auditor in the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

In 2020, Chase Severino was still working as Director of Beverage Operations in Wilmington, North Carolina. Furthermore, his net worth surpassed $300 thousand.

Back in 2019, Chase had secured the job as the manager for Amplify bar.

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Chase Severino & Whitney Thore: Dating, Engaged, Split

Fans of My Big, Fat Fabulous Life were stoked to finally see Whitney find ‘the one’ for herself after a lot of cheating scandals and heartbreaking splits. Viewers could not get happier when Chase popped the question, that also in the city of love, Paris in October 2019.


Chase and Whitney kissing each other.

However, fans were heartbroken to have finally heard the news of Whitney and Chase calling off their engagement.

Whitney took to Instagram, on 22nd May 2020, to break the news of her split with Chase up to her fans. She wrote:

“After experiencing a lot of ups and downs and still living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with whom he has had a long history. Chase recently told me this information and the fact that it had resulted in a pregnancy. Chase will be a father in October. I’m not interested in anything hateful being directed toward anyone. I would ask for privacy for all involved as we move on and focus on the future.”

Some days later, Chase explained everything about his split with Whitney. Moreover, through the post, he expressed the love and respect he has for Whitney for all the wonderful time they spent together.

It did not take long for the pair to delete almost every evidence of their relationship present on Instagram. All that remained was a picture of Whitney’s engagement ring which she had posted back in December 2019.

Chase Severino Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Sara Jackson

Still, the question that lingered was “who is Chase Severino’s baby mama?” Well, to put it simply, it was too soon to expect the answer coming out of Chase’s mouth in early-2020.

Through his Instagram, Chase already made it clear that he wanted to keep information about the mother of the child, and the child private.

What could be said, for sure, was that Chase’s baby mama was his former/new girlfriend, and she was the one he was expecting to have a baby with.

It was only in the hands of Chase if he wished to make the identity of baby and baby mama public ever.

In September 2020, Chase Severino finally shared photos of his daughter, Aurora Joyce Severino. The 10-image gallery also featured an image of his new former girlfriend Sara Jackson.

With the news of Chase welcoming a baby with his ex, fans concluded his engagement with Whitney Thore was a staged one.

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