American battle rapper Geechi Gotti rocketed to popularity appearing on the platforms URLTV, KOTD, and BET.

Considered one of the GOATs, Geechi won back to back “Champion Of The Year” title in 2019 and 2020.

Become familiar with Geechi by taking a stroll through his wiki!

Geechi Gotti Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In the Summer of 2019, Geechi Gotti became 31 years of age.

Geechi was born on 23rd June 1988. As such, the beloved battle rapper celebrated his birthday on the same day as International Widows’ Day.

What’s more, being a June baby, Geechi owned Cancer for a Sun sign.

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Geechi Gotti Wiki — Family, Real Name, Gang

Geechi Gotti hails from Compton, California — the same place which gave birth to legendary Hip-Hops acts like Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Roddy Rich.

Like the latter two, Geechi also boasts gang affiliation. To be more precise, he is a Crip. In his rounds, Geechi proudly mentions his past gang activities.

Back in January 2018, Geechi turned himself in a one year sentence.

Of his two parents, Geechi admires his mom the most. On a 2020 Mother’s Day post on Instagram, he wrote:

“Happy Mother’s Day! Can’t count on 100 hands how many times she helped me when I needed it, how many times she came through when nobody else would this woman is the reason I am the man I am today !!”

Furthermore, details about Geechi’s siblings and father escaped public eyes. So did his real name.

Nonetheless, the friends and family of Geechi called him “BayBay.”

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

In terms of height, Geechi Gotti stands five feet and eight inches tall. Meanwhile, he weighs around 82 kilograms.

Talking of distinct features, Geechi falls on the heavier side of things. Likewise, several of his teeth are missing.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Like most battle rappers, Geechi Gotti’s online presence was substantial.

Of the three social media platforms, Geechi seemed most prolific on Instagram and Twitter. On the former, he had collected 78.7k followers by Dec 2020. Meanwhile, Geechi owned around 26.4k followers on the latter.

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Geechi Gotti Net Worth, Fee Per Battle

Before battle rap, Geechi Gotti sold weaves.

Leaving behind the life of crimes, Geechi made waves as a battle rapper in the early-2010s. First, he competed in the small West Coast-based leagues. Then, Geechi began battling on King Of The Dot.

However, Geechi established himself as an elite battle rapper at the Ultimate Rap League. Going against the likes of Arsonal Da Rebel, Tsu Surf, Rum Nitty, K-Shine, T-Top, Geechi held his own.

Talking stats, Geechi had 46 rap battles on YouTube (as of May 2020). According to, he averaged around 351 thousand views per battle.

For his stellar 2018, Geechi was awarded the “Champion Of The Year.” The following year, he repeated the feat and cemented his legendary status.

Counted amongst the legends, he became the face of battle rap. According to rumors online, Geechi took home a cool $15 thousand in fee per battle.

Meanwhile, Geechi Gotti reportedly owned around $300 thousand net worth by 2020.

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Musical Output — Albums, Songs

Beyond the battle rap arena, Geechi Gotti also put out original music.

Affiliated with Ruin Your Day/MAFIA Entertainment, Geechi released an aptly titled surprise album “Outta Nowhere” in 2020. Previously, he had dropped three projects under the “NoStudioN” series.

Amongst a handful of songs released on YouTube by Geechi, “My Condolences” racked the most views. The record was a tribute to the late Crip and a Hip-Hop icon Nipsey Hussle.

Geechi Gotti Kids, Girlfriend, Wife

Fellow “MAFIA Entertainment” artist Coffee Brown accompanied Geechi Gotti to most of his battles. As a result, many consider her Geechi’s rightful wife. In truth, the two were no more than good friends.

As of Dec 2020, Geechi hadn’t tasted the perks of married life. However, he already knew what fatherhood felt like. A father of two kids (both boys), Geechi kept the identity of his baby mama(s) to himself.

In 2020, Geechi was in a committed relationship with an anonymous girlfriend. The romance between the two made noise after Geechi’s IG live with Phara Funeral.

On Christmas Eve 2020, Geechi finally popped the big question to his girlfriend. He took to Instagram and shared the news. In his post, he praised his future wife. Additionally, Geechi claimed she was someone he could count on to home him down.

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