Trap Lore Ross is a “British Rap Youtuber” and “King of Hip Hop Youtube”. Elsewhere, he has also been recognized as a rap historian. He has also worked as a comedian and his Youtube videos were very very funny. People have also described him as an epitome of a “culture vulture”.

In this Trap Lore Ross wiki, we shall dive deep into who the YouTuber actually is. We shall give you his bio as well as his net worth, age, etc.

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Trap Lore Ross Age

According to one of his Instagram stories, Trap Lore Ross turned 27 years of age in late 2020, most likely in December 2020. So, as of today, i.e. 27 June 2021, he was still 27 years of age. And his zodiac sign was either Saggitarius or Capricorn.

Trap Lore Ross Real Name

We do not know what Trap Lore Ross’s real name is. It was likely that his first name was Ross and Trap Lore seemed to be derived from the sub-genre of Trap in the hip hop scene.

We did not know much about his parents, except for one thing. On the day, Ross completed his 5 years of Youtubing, his parents surprised him with a rainbow cake. Apparently, they are very supportive people.

Ross was born in London but he grew up in a seaside town near London called Bognor Regis. Ross grew up listening to and loving rap. He actually wanted to rap since he was 9 years of age. During his pre-teen days, he also started his own rap group called Toxic Crew. And his crew was really popular at his school and in the town of Bognor Regis.

Ross’s love for hip hop was so great that he even started “correspondence” with Tupac Shakur, aka 2Pac. Ross wrote a letter to 2Pac and 2Pac “responded” and they remained pen pals until 2Pac’s disappearance.

Who Is His Uncle?

In one of his Youtube videos, Trap Lore Ross had mentioned that his uncle had helped him enter the comedy scene in the UK. However, that was a very off-handed comment and he did not add any further about this uncle. So far, there was no other information about Ross’s uncle.

His Height

Trap Lore Ross was not a very tall guy, but he stood at a decent height of 5 ft 8 inches. Furthermore, he had blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wore round-frame glasses.

His Instagram, Twitter

Trap Lore Ross had a decent following on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. He had the largest following on his Instagram @traploreross, i.e. 21.2k. On his Twitter profile, @traploreross, he had over 6.6k followers until 27 June 2021.

Similarly, Ross also had his own Facebook page, @traploreross, with 408 followers and 298 likes. He was also present on the streaming platform Twitch as @traploreross with 3.2k followers.

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Trap Lore Ross Net Worth

As of 2021, Trap Lore Ross had amassed a net worth not more than $800 thousand.

Trap Lore Ross is a Youtuber who made videos that were mostly about the history of rap music and recent news regarding the industry. Ross grew up wanting to be a rapper. But as he grew older, he found out that rapping might not be a realistic prospect.

Instead, Ross got into filmmaking and shooting rap videos. He has “worked” as a videographer for the rapper Waka Flocka. Ross also went on to become the “first UK promoter” to book the famous rapper, Action Bronson.

In 2015, Ross joined Youtube and started to make videos about hip hop. And as his audience grew, he started to focus more on hip-hop history and news. He did, however, went on to make music of his own. A few of his songs were released on SoundCloud.

The name of his Youtube channel is Trap Lore Ross and it had over 630k subscribers until June 2021. There is another secondary Youtube channel called Trap More Ross, which had 49.7k subscribers. There was also a previous channel, now deleted, called Ross Hacks, in which he made comedic videos.

As per the sources, Ross earned about 2k-3k on average per month from his Youtube channel. The salary might go up and down depending on the months. For example, in June 2021 he earned $1.12k, whereas in May 2021 he had earned 4.14k.

Apart from the earnings from Youtube, Ross also had a Patreon account, where fans can donate $5 or $10 per month based on their membership level. Furthermore, Trap also had his own merch, mostly T-shirts and hoodies.

Is Trap Lore Ross Culture Vulture?

Trap Lore Ross is a white guy from Britain who talked about hip hop and made a lot of money out of that. And obviously, people are a bit suspicious of him appropriating the hip-hop culture, which mostly comes from the African American community. He is accused of being a cultural vulture, a person who copies other people’s culture and makes it their own for their personal benefit.

Ross has responded to such accusations with a lot of humor. He even made a spoof video detailing his career from his pre-teen rap enthusiast to his teenage years when he consumed hip hop excessively to his years in Buckingham palace (obviously a joke) and so on.

There were other issues too that have plagued Ross’s hip-hop-based Youtube career. In 2019, Trap Lore Ross had uploaded a video titled How Rick Ross ‘Bankrupted’ 50 Cent, in which he talked about the rapper 50 Cent leaking Rick Ross’s partner’s sex tape. Consequently, 50 Cent had the video removed from Youtube. Ross later re-uploaded the video after deleting a few clips and with the title How Rick Ross ‘Bankrupted’ 50 Cent (Censored Re-Upload).

Is Trap Lore Ross Married?

No. As far as we, or any other celebrity new site, knew, Trap Lore Ross was not married in 2021. In fact, if we were to take his Tweets seriously, he did not even have a girlfriend. In December 2020, he joked about finding a new girlfriend on Tinder.

The Tweet went like this, “Hey mum, so excited for you to meet my new girlfriend I met on Tinder. Her name is LOOKING4HOOKUP2NITEADDMYSNAP.”

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