Martin Bashir was one of the greatest journalists in the world right now. He worked for the major part of his life. And later also worked with ABC and MSNBC. However, as they say, behind every man’s success there is a woman, behind Martin’s success as a journalist was the silent hand of his wife Deborah Bashir.

This article was mainly concerned with Deborah Bashir and her life.

Deborah Bashir Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The various sources on the internet had nothing to say about Deborah’s age or her birthday. And since the exact birthday was not known, her zodiac sign was also a mystery.

They had the age and birthday information about Martin. He was born on 19 January 1963. That meant his age (as of October 2020) was 57 and his zodiac sign was Capricorn.

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Deborah Bashir Wiki — Nationality, Maiden Name, Family

To say that Deborah Bashir was secretive would be an understatement. There was exactly zero information about her early life. Her maiden name was unknown. Her nationality was unknown, although it was most likely that she came from a family of British nationality as she grew up in her hometown of Gosport in Hampshire, England.

Martin, on the other hand, was born to parents of Pakistani (and later British) nationality. His parents were Pakistani Christians and Martin was a devout Christian himself.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about her physical features, Deborah was a woman of average height. In fact, she was almost the same height as her husband Martin, i.e. 5 ft 6 inches. She weighed under 62 kgs.

Deborah’s distinct features include her short boys-cut hair, the dark sunglasses that always seemed to grace her eyes, and a very very beautiful smile.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Deborah was present in social media, but her presence was much down to earth and nothing like the high profile celebrities of today.

Her Instagram was kept private, so there was no telling how large was her presence on Instagram. But as with most private Instagram accounts, it could not be too large outside of her friends and family circle. Her husband, Martin Bashir, however, had over 18k followers on Instagram.

Deborah had a Facebook profile, where there were a few photos, fewer posts, and a little information about herself.

We could not find, Deborah on Twitter. Martin, on the other hand, had 32.5k followers on Twitter.

Deborah Bashir Job, Net Worth, Education

According to her Facebook profile, Deborah got her education from the prestigious University of London and the University of Southampton. It was not known what degree she got from which college, and what she studied in those colleges. But it must be related to the medical field because she was a medical professional.

Currently, Deborah’s job was as a health visitor at NHS. More than that, there was no information about Deborah’s career as a health worker.

There was no information about Deborah’s net worth, but Martin’s net worth was around $2 million.

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Deborah Bashir & Martin: Dating, Wedding, Kids

As we have already said, Deborah was married to the famous British journalist, Martin Bashir. As most of the readers might have guessed by now, Martin and Deborah kept their personal life very private and barely let it spill into the public eye.

It was not known when Deborah and Martin first met and started dating. Neither was it known when they had their wedding and started their married life. But it must a long time ago, a few decades before, considering that one of their kids had a kid of her own.

Talking about her kids, Deborah had three kids with her husband: Samuel, Phoebe, and Eliza. Among the three Bashir kids, Phoebe was married to a guy called Tom. In 2015, she gave birth to her first son. Not much was known about other Bashir kids.


Deborah Bashir and her husband Martin Bashir (PC:

Even with such less information, we could claim one thing with certainty that Deborah and Martin loved each other dearly. For one, the longevity of their marriage is a testament to that. Secondly, in 2008, when Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Deborah was there by his side to help him fight against the disease.

According to very recent news (22 October 2020), Martin was suffering from coronavirus.

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