Helen Storey is the caddie and girlfriend of a world-famous golf-player from England, Lee Westwood. And although many sports lovers know about Lee Westwood, barely anyone would know about Helen Storey. And her life is way too interesting to remain unknown.

Read the article below to know more about Helen Storey.

Helen Storey Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to our sources, Helen Storey was 43 years of age. And every year she celebrated her birthday on the 31st of October. That meant her date of birth was 31 October 1977, and her zodiac sign was Scorpio.

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Helen Storey Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Helen Storey was born and raised in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, England in a white British family.

Very little was known about Helen’s family. Except for her mother, who had appeared on Helen’s IG a few times, and her sister, there was absolutely nothing about anyone else in the family. It was hard to tell if that was because of their reclusiveness or there were no other family members to show.

Even about her mother, the public had only seen her face but was not familiar with her name. Helen has a sister though, called Andrea Wylie. As of 2020, Andrea was married to Graham Wylie, co-founder of Sage group and a good friend of Lee Westwood.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

According to the sources, Helen Storey is a tall woman standing at a height of over 5 ft 8 inches. And she weighed around 62 kgs.

In terms of distinct features, there was not much to say about Helen. Except that she had wide cheekbone, and a pair of dimples on her cheeks when he smiled.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Helen was not that big on social media, neither she was present everywhere across the social media platforms. She was present on Instagram, but we could not find her on any other social media platforms.

On Instagram, she had 409 posts and 11.5k followers (As of Nov 2020).

Her boyfriend, Lee Westwood, on the other hand, was a star on social media. On his Instagram, he had 235k followers, on Twitter, he had 923.6k. And on his Facebook page too, he had 109k likes and 108k follows.

Helen Storey Job, Net Worth, Salary

Originally, Helen Storey worked the job of a fitness instructor. But recently, she really became famous for being a caddie of Lee Westwood.

Before the year 2018, Helen knew very little about being a caddie. During the Made in Denmark, competition in 2018, Lee rested his usual caddie Billy Foster and hired Helen as his new caddie. After her arrival, Lee went on to win his first tour in over four years.

Helen has been carrying Lee’s bag ever since. She also participated in the caddie gig in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Despite gaining fame for being a caddie, Helen had not abandoned her fitness ambitions. She frequently posted on her Instagram, working out and showing off her skills.

Furthermore, she also worked to raise awareness about suicide prevention. Helen often used her social media platform to spread the news and information required for suicide prevention.

The sources on the web say Helen Storey’s net worth was around $3 million. At the same time, her boyfriend’s net worth, revealed during his divorce settlement, was $65 million.

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Helen Storey & Lee Westwood: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

Helen Storey is the girlfriend of world-famous golf player Lee Westwood. The two of them started dating in 2015 after Lee’s relationship with his wife of 16 years ended.

The said former wife of Lee was Laurae Coltart. Laurae and Lee had married each other in 1999 and had two kids in their 16 years of marriage: Samuel and Poppy.

Their marriage came to an end around the year 2015 but they were legally divorced in 2017. Towards 2015, Helen met Lee through her brother in law, Graham Wylie.

Helen was also married once married before meeting Lee, although the name of her ex-husband was not known. She had a daughter from her previous marriage: Edie Johnson. Like her mother, Edie also loved horses and was a young equestrian (we’re only half-joking).

During the early dating phase, Helen was a fitness trainer and Lee was a golfer. A year later, Lee was a golfer and Helen was his caddie. Now, that they shared a profession, they were inseparable.

As of 2020, Helen and Lee were dating for almost five years. But there was no news of any imminent weddings. There were some rumors that the couple was engaged.


Helen Storey and her boyfriend Lee Westwood having their time with a falcon circa July 2019 (PC: Helen’s IG)

In February 2019, Lee posted a photo of the two of them on IG with a ring emoji. Furthermore, a day earlier, Helen had posted on IG too saying that it was the “best week”. That had led the media to speculate that the couple was engaged.

However, those speculations were substantiated. Neither was there any further evidence of them being engaged nor was there any wedding two years after the rumors.

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