Kim-Joy Hewlett earned the love of fans with her amazing baking skills in The Great British Bake Off. But it was not enough for her to earn love from her fitness instructor. In 2021, she walked out of a fitness session when her instructor criticized and insulted her in front of her classmates.

She did not mention what exactly the instructor said in the class. But apparently, Kim-Joy stood up for herself and confronted her instructor. As she walked out, Kim-Joy posted a photo with a long caption and a story on Instagram, describing the incident.

Kim-Joy did not mention the name of the instructor or the gym, only that she knew tons of other “inclusive and body-positive gyms and classes” where she could take care of herself.

Hurray for Kim-Joy! With that in mind, dear readers, read this article to completion to know more about Kim-Joy Hewlett, as well as about her parents, her ethnicity, and her partner Nabil Homsi.

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Her Age

Kim-Joy Hewlett celebrated her 30th birthday in May 2021. She was born on 17 May 1991. And she turned 30 years of age in 2021.

Furthermore, because she was born on the 17th of May, her zodiac sign was Taurus.

Kim-Joy Hewlett Ethnicity: Is She Japanese?

No Kim-Joy Hewlett is not Japanese. She has mixed ethnicity which was a mix of English, Chinese and Malaysian.

However, Kim-Joy is a big fan of Japanese animation, especially of the movie My Neighbour Totoro. Her baking is also to a great extent inspired by Japanese artwork. She even went to Japan for her holidays, and her Instagram is full of photos from Japan.

Because of the influence of Japanese art in her baking, some fans thought that she would have killed it if there was a Japanese-themed week in the show.

Kim-Joy Hewlett Parents

Kim-Joy Hewlett was born to parents who belonged to different ethnicity. Her father is an Englishman and her mother is Malaysian of Chinese ancestry. She was born in Belgium but then she moved back to England with her parents.

Kim-Joy still has her family members on her mother’s side in Malaysia. She is really close to the Malaysian side of her family and they were quite happy with her success in Bake Off.

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Her Face, Height

Kim-Joy Hewlett stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches.

Kim-Joy’s face is a perfect mixture of English and East Asian features, dark hair, brown eyes, pale skin, all in all very pretty. Some fans even think that she is the mirror image of Helena Garcia.

You can find Kim-Joy on various social media platforms and enjoy her prettiness for yourself. She was present on Instagram and had a huge following of 319k as of May 2021. She was also available on Twitter and had 69k followers. However, we did not find her on Facebook.

Kim-Joy Hewlett Net Worth

By May 2021, Kim-Joy Hewlett had garnered a net worth of over $500 thousand.

Kim-Joy first garnered fame as a participant in The Great British Bake Off. Before Bake Off, she used to work as a mental health specialist in Leeds. In fact, she had a master’s degree in psychology from the Leeds Beckett University. Previously, she had earned a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Bristol.

Now, Kim-Joy has turned into a full-time baker, thanks to her success in The Great British Bake Off. Kim-Joy did not start baking from a young age. Neither her parents nor anyone else in the family baked.

She was also totally quiet during her school days, which might be because of severe social anxiety or maybe because of selective mutism. When she started university, Kim-Joy did not want to be quiet anymore and make friends and it was baking that helped her make friends. She got better at talking to people with time and baking.

Kim-Joy participated in the ninth season of The Great British Bake Off. She went on to the series finale but missed out on the trophy against Rahul Mandal. She was the joint-runner up alongside Ruby Bhogal. Kim-Joy was the star baker twice in the series, on the spice week and the vegan week. During the show, she was famous for her commitment to the cuteness of the items.

After Bake Off, Kim-Joy continued her career as a baker. She published a couple of cookbooks, the first of which, Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile, came out in 2019. Her second book,  Christmas with Kim-Joy: A Festive Collection of Edible Cuteness, was published in 2020. She was also the ambassador of The Wren Bakery.

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Who Is Kim-Joy Hewlett Partner Nabil Homsi?

Meet Nabil Homsi, Kim-Joy Hewlett’s current partner. Nabil is the owner of multiple board game shops in Leeds, where he and Kim-Joy live together. In fact, it was during a board game club night that they first met. For the first year and a half, nothing happened. They remained friends and played board games and slowly started to know each other.

Then one day, Nabil found out that Kim-Joy loved baking and he asked her to bake something for him, all too casually. She baked something and Nabil said, “I want all this for me.” That was how their love story began.

According to his Linkedin profile, Nabil is a proprietor of Travelling Man. Travelling Man was the name of the series of board game shops that Nabil and his friend Simon started in Leeds. The store also organizes regular tournaments, comic signings, and other events. Recently, the shop was temporarily closed and sales had moved online because of COVID.

Kim-Joy has been with her partner Nabil since at least June 2016. That was when the first pictures of them came out on social media, Nabil’s Facebook to be precise. Since then, they have been quite tight as can be seen on their social media.

They often come to social media showing the cake Kim-Joy baked for his birthday (August 15) or posting photos of them enjoying at different occasions like RuPaul Drag Race UK!, which they attended on invitation in November 2019.

Talking about social media, Kim-Joy Hewlett’s partner Nabil Homsi was not as big in social media as she was. He only had about 500 followers on Instagram and around 300 on Twitter as of May 2021. And his social media, especially his Instagram, was filled with photos of him with his cat(s). He was a total cat person.

Continuing on Nabil’s social media, we perused through his Facebook profile and found that he went to John Smeaton in Leeds for his school education. He graduated in 1986, which suggested that he was much older than Kim-Joy who was not even born in 1986. We also found that he has a niece called Holly Homsi.


Kim-Joy Hewlett with her partner Nabil Homsi and their cats during Christmas 2020 (PC: Kim-Joy’s IG)

Circa 2021, Kim-Joy lived with her partner, Nabil in Leeds. They lived together with their cat. It did not seem like the two of them were married. So far, they were only romantic partners and not marital partners. Also, they did not have any kids yet.

They were young (at least Kim-Joy was) and enjoying life, baking, eating, playing board games, having cats.

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