British actor Rupert Evans is on the way to becoming one of the very first actors to star in the most-watched TV series from two rival OTT platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Rupert, who starred in the record-breaking Amazon Original TV show The Man in the High Castle, shot into the limelight once again as the news of him joining the hit Netflix show Bridgerton is all over the Internet now.

More about his role in the article below. Also, get insights into Rupert’s age, net worth, girlfriend, and wife information.

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Rupert Evans Bridgerton

Rupert Evans joined Season 2 of Bridgerton, a wildly popular period drama set in the world of the Regency era. His role is Edmund Bridgerton, the deceased patriarch of the Bridgerton family.

A recent show release shedding light on Rupert’s character stated— “Edmund is a loving and devoted husband, whose true love match with Violet Bridgerton gave them eight perfect children. He’s also an endlessly patient and kind father, who takes special pride in guiding his eldest son Anthony through life.”

Though Rupert had no screen time in the 1st season of Bridgerton, his role was salient as he was the late patriarch of the titular family.

His Age

British actor Ruperts Evans was born in 1977, which means he was 44 years of age in 2021. Rupert celebrates his birthday on the 9th of March every year. Going by his birthdate, Rupert’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

Rupert Evans Parents

Rupert Evans was born in Stow-by-Charletley, Staffordshire, England; his hometown is very close to Stoke-on-Trent. He was born to a farming family and grew up around those farms.

As of May 2021, we had no idea about his parents’ identity. Thanks to an article by, we know that Rupert’s mother hated Rupert’s hair for one of the plays.

Rupert had an awesome childhood in Sher Brook playing with his school friends and siblings. As for siblings, Rupert had two younger brothers. One of his younger brother’s names is Tom Evans. We also have the information that one of his brothers is a DJ for Heart FM in Brighton. However, we are not sure if that brother is Tom.

Trivia: Rupert hated his name as a child. He thought the name did not sound much masculine. He even lied to his friends saying that his name is Jack.

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His Height

Rupert Evans stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and does not weigh more than 70 kilograms. His distinctive physical characteristics would be his black eyes and brown hair.

Rupert Evans Net Worth

Reportedly, Rupert Evans’s net worth was estimated to be around $4 million as of this writing.

Rupert completed his primary and secondary education at Bilton Grange School and Milton Abbey School. He later joined the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art to study Drama and Acting.

He started his career through theatre. Early in his life, Rupert appeared in the drama Crime and Punishment.

His first major role came in 2004 through Guillermo del Toro’s American superhero movie Hellboy. In 2009, Rupert was a part of the movie Agora alongside popular actors Rachel Weisz and Max Minghella. His other film credits include The Incident, Elfie Hopkins, The Canal, Tank 432, among others.

Rupert’s first TV role was in Band of Brothers (2001) as a paratrooper. His breakout role was as Frank Frink in the Amazon Original The Man in the High Castle. Consequently, He landed in The CW‘s fantasy drama series Charmed. His other television credits include The Village, Rogue, High Stakes, Paradise Heights, to name a few.

Is Rupert Evans Gay?

As a result of his extremely secret personal life, Rupert Evans was subject to some gay rumors at one point in his life. However, these rumors started to fade away as some information about his dating life started to surface on the Internet.

As of May 2021, Rupert Evans was certainly not gay as the actor guy has been found to date actresses from the industry.

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Rupert Evans Wife, Girlfriend

In the film industry, it’s no big deal to fall in love with your co-stars. Something similar happened in Rupert’s life too. When Rupert Evans starred as Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet (2006) at the Royal Shakespeare Company, he fell in love with the Juliet of that drama, actress Morven Christie.

Rupert and his girlfriend, Morven fell in love during that time and had kept it a secret from the play’s director. The director only knew about their love once the play was performed. By 2009, the couple had been in love for three years.

In case you don’t know much about Morven, she is a Scottish actress (born on September 1, 1981). Morven is best known for her performances as DC Lisa Armstrong in The Bay, as Alison Hughes in The A Word, as Amanda Hopkins in Grantchester, and as Kirsten Lindstrom in Ordeal by Innocence.

Other than Romeo and Juliet, Rupert and Morven have both been part of the sitcom Monday Monday; Rupert had played Morven’s ex-boyfriend.

But, after 2009, Rupert and Morven were never seen together.

In 2014, though Rupert mentioned the word “girlfriend” in an interview with Guardian, he did not disclose the identity of the girl. When asked about his all-time favorite computer game, Rupert told, ” I do have a chess app… I get obsessed with that too… My girlfriend goes mental if she hears the noise of me moving a piece.”

As of May 2021, we had no idea if the girlfriend he mentioned in the 2014 interview was Morven or some new girl. However, we can say that Rupert Evans had no wife as of this writing as he was certainly not married.


Rupert attends Hellboy’s Los Angeles premiere with his girlfriend at the time, Lyndsey Marshal.

Talking more about his personal life, Rupert is also believed to have dated actress Lyndsey Marshal before he was dating Morven. Rupert and Lyndsey had attended the Los Angeles premiere of Rupert’s film Hellboy on March 30, 2004.

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