If you are fans of Made in Chelsea, dear readers, you might be glad to hear that fan-favorite Victoria Baker-Harber was back on the show. And she had not returned alone.

Read along to find out more about Victoria and her role in the new series of Made in Chelsea. Also, find out interesting info about Victoria’s parents and partner and her net worth.

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Her Age, Birthday

Victoria Baker-Harber was born on 21 August 1988. And so, as of today, i.e. 17 June 2021, she was 32 years of age. And because her birthday was on the 21st of August, her zodiac sign was Leo.

Victoria Baker-Harber Parents: Mother, Father

Victoria Baker-Harber comes from parents of different ethnicities but similar Anglo-Saxon culture. Her father, whose name we do not know, was an Englishman. Or to put in Victoria’s own words “as English as can be”.

Her mother, whose name we do not know either, was born in Australia but she had half Fijian roots. Victoria’s grandfather was actually from Fiji.

Victoria Baker-Harber Siblings

We know of one of Victoria Baker-Harber’s siblings, maybe her only sibling. She has a brother called Sam Baker-Harber, who occasionally appeares on Victoria’s Instagram. Sam is a director and co-founder of Avon Strategic Communications in London. Sam had gone to King’s College London and then The University of Law.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Victoria was very very big on social media, and across multiple social media platforms as well. She was very active on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she had over 2k posts and as of June 2021, had a massive following of 192k.

Similarly, on Twitter, Victoria had a massive following of 127.4k. We could not find her on Facebook.

How Tall Is Victoria Baker-Harber?

To answer in Victoria’s own words, “quite tall”. And it was true too. Victoria Baker-Harber stands at a height of 5 ft 8 inches. Her other distinct features include blonde hair, pale green eyes, and chiseled cheekbones, and thin jaws.

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Victoria Baker-Harber Net Worth

As of 2021, after over 20 seasons with Made in Chelsea, and after 10 years in her business, Victoria Baker-Harber had amassed a net worth of over $2 million.

Apart from being a part of Made in Chelsea, Victoria is the founder and designer of her own women’s swimwear clothing line called Elle-en-Jette. She founded the clothing line in June 2011 and she has been working in her own company for over 10 years now.

Previously, Victori had gone to the University of the Arts London. We do not know when Victoria graduated from college or what he studied where she was there.

Whatever her side-business or education, Victoria is most famous as one of the key cast members of E4’s famous British reality show called Made in Chelsea. She has been a part of the show since the second series in 2011. She was absent from the 20th series in 2020 to take a break from the drama but now she returned for the 21st season.

Apart from the main series, Victoria has also been a part of numerous spin-off series of the show. She was a cast member in Made in Chelsea: NYC (2014), Made in Chelsea: South of France (2016), Made in Chelsea: Ibiza (2017), Made in Chelsea: Croatia (2018). She was also a part of another British reality TV show called All Star Driving School.

Victoria Baker-Harber Partner, Baby Father, Inigo Philbrick

Do you remember that Victoria took a break from the show during the 20th season of the show? And that she returned in the 21st season? Well, she returned with a baby daughter. Apparently, the reason for her break was her pregnancy with her daughter Gaia Grace.

But who Victoria Baker-Harber’s baby father? His name is Inigo Philbrick, a 34 years old American gallery owner and art dealer who operated between London and Miami. We do not know exactly when Victoria and Inigo got together. But Inigo was in a long relationship with a fellow art dealer Fran Mancini. As far as we know, they were together at least by the end of 2017. So, Inigo and Victoria could not have started dating before 2017.

As of 2021, Inigo was in prison in Connecticut, US. He was accused of stealing over $20 million from other art dealers. And in the past, when the police were searching for him, he eluded them for almost eight months. That may be the reason why the US court repeatedly rejected the bail appeals for him. Inigo’s mother had decided to put up her house in Connecticut as a bond for his release. Even Victoria’s mother was willing to put her estate in the Bahamas for the collateral. But the court rejected all bail appeals. And that is the reason why Inigo has not yet met his newborn daughter.

Furthermore, the last time we checked Victoria Baker-Harber and her partner, Inigo were engaged but not married. We can say with certainty that they had not married yet, for Inigo was still in prison. But we cannot say if they were still engaged.

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