In 2021, Malin Andersson revealed she suffered a miscarriage after the death of her daughter two years before. Malin’s fans pleaded for her to remain strong and left heartfelt messages on her socials. For her part,  the reality star also revealed some crazy sats on her IG related to miscarriages.

Scroll down this Malin Andersson Wikipedia to stay updated on her life.

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Malin Andersson Miscarriage, Baby Daughter

Love Island’s former cast Malin Andersson welcomed her baby daughter Consy on 23 December of 2018. She was born two months with complexities and prematureness and had to be operated on. But being only born 4lb 80 Oz, it was impossible.

Sadly, Malin lost her beloved daughter four weeks after. Then, social media became the place for her to vent all of her sorrows. Still, she couldn’t cope with the devastating loss. She felt so low at one point that she made a suicide attempt.

Malin Andersson Age

In 2020, Malin Andersson turned 28 years old. Her birthday falls every year on 20 October. Furthermore, Malin secured Libra as her zodiac sign.

Malin Andersson Ethnicity, Parents

Malin Andersson was born in her hometown of Bedfordshire, England to her parents: Sri-Lankan mother Consy and Swedish father Rune. When Malin lost her father at 13 months old to skin cancer, she never knew about fatherly love. Her mother did try her best to play both roles, she always longed for her father’s love.

On 15 January 2021, Malin shared the last picture she took with her biological father. It was his birthday and would’ve been 73 years.

Like her father, most memories of Malin’s mother were either she was enduring the pain of breast cancer or recovering from cancer as she grieved for the loss of her husband.

Now and then, Malin took to Instagram to write about the pain of losing both parents. But before that, her mother did in fact found someone in her life and got married after her husband passed away. She moved the whole family from Sweden to England.

For Malin, her step-father was a new father figure who in fact she found to be lovely. But, it wasn’t the same. Two months after Malin’s mother passed away, her step-father moved out of her life. Then 25 years being in Malin’s life, her step-father disappeared away from her life.

Growing up, Malin had three elder siblings: two brothers and the eldest sister.

Her Measurements

Malin Andersson battled with an eating disorder for almost 9 years. She wrote a post on 17 May 2020, which read:

“My mum didn’t carry me for 9 months to watch her daughter fight an eating disorder for 8 years. The pain in her eyes when I told her I had been spewing my food wasn’t worth being skinny.”

She starved throughout her career as a flight stewardess when she was size 6. So much so that Malin would pass out during layovers. Before her now-version where she is about 65 kilograms (143 lbs) where she had measurements of 37-26-38 inches, Malin had a skinny version that she shares on Instagram.

But ever since Malin truly loved herself the battle ended and she prospered.

Other distinct features of Malin include the tattoos she inked on her back and her hands.

Her Instagram, Facebook

With thriving popularity, as of May 2021, Malin Andersson earned a total followers 712k followers. Moreover, she posted 1794 times most of which are either her words for body positivity or a life story she calls “Trigger.”

In the same way, Malin was also followed by 288k followers on her Twitter. She had over 36k followers. However, she couldn’t be discovered on Facebook.

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Malin Andersson Net Worth

According to reports online, Malin Andersson sat on a total net worth of $1 million.

Malin Andersson prepared herself to pursue a career as a cabin crew in airlines. At the age of 18, Malin landed the job of a flight stewardess for Virgin Atlantic. (Provigil) She went on intense training surviving on 600 to 800 calories a day.

During that period, Malin had brain fog and couldn’t concentrate. Malin suffered during her time as cabin crew as she felt alone and delusional at times.

Malin loved traveling and she worked as a stewardess until 2014. But, her life stories and all the pain that she endured at that point inspired her to become a motivational speaker. She mustered that wisdom she gathered and shared it on her socials to inspire.

Malin covered everything from the purpose of life, losing loved ones, women empowerment, anti-bullying, domestic violence, among other things.

All of this work that she had put on helped her made it to Cosmopolitan UK‘s list of Top 24 people making the world a better place. Malin had thriving followers that cemented her fame and career as a motivational speaker.

Malin arrived in Love Island in season 3 of the show. She entered the villa on Day one and got dumped on Day 25. She partnered with Rykard Jenkins on the first day after that with Terry Walsh.

In 2016, Malin left the villa. She unfollowed all the mothers on Instagram on Mother’s Day. After her daughter’s death, she launched an app on her daughter’s memory. She also lost two of her fellow contestants Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon from Love Island.

This made her wonder about checking up on the mental health of contestants in the show. Due to her concern, Malin talked with producers to help future contestants who wanted fast fame with reality shows.

Malin Andersson Partner, Terry Walsh, Tom Powell

After the fling with Rykard Jenkins, Malin Andersson linked up with Terry Walsh. Though everything was going great between the two, Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson shared a heated moment.

Malin had to watch her partner say that he didn’t miss her on the Telly. In spite, Terry Walsh hit on Tom Powell’s ex-girlfriend Emma Jane Woodham. This notified everyone including Malin that her boyfriend wasn’t very loyal to her. In Terry’s own words:

“When I met Malin, the spark was amazing. But as time went on, she was just chipping and chipping and chipping. I said up there, ‘Babe, you’re pushing me away’. I went to bed that night and in my head I was like ‘When I wake up, I’ve got to break up with her.”

Surprisingly, Malin was voted off and invited back to confront her former partner Terry. But, she came clean that the thing between her and Terry was just a set-up.

In March 2017, Tom Powell opened up about dating Malin Andersson after she got voted off from the show. He admitted that the relationship was in its early stage. They kept in touch even after the show. Tom revealed:

“Nothing is official…I don t even know what it is to be honest with you. Me and Malin have always kept in touch since the show – I speak to her on a regular basis.”

However, the relationship amounted to nothing in the end. On Valentine’s Day 2021, Malin went on her IG to wish everyone happy February 14th. There, she wrote:


This hinted at Malin Anderson was single and didn’t have a partner up until that point.

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