Imaan Hammam is the young Dutch model and a runaway success in the fashion industry who has reached the milestones most people work all their lives to achieve, at the age of just 23.

Read below to know more about Imaan Hammam, including her dating information, husband and a married life rumors, and net worth.

Imaan Hammam Net Worth — $100 Million

Thanks to her stellar career and high-flying achievements, Imaan Hammam owned a net worth of almost $100 million.

Imaan Hammam’s rise to world fame started when she was only 13 when she was discovered in Amsterdam by an agent of a Dutch model management agency called CODE Management. Only three years later, she was given the honor to open the Givenchy show.

Between the age of 13 and 23 (in October 2019), Imaan achieved some of the greatest feats in modeling. She was featured three times in Vogue magazine (American, Italian and French). American Vogue, especially, is very exclusive and rarely features the young models. (Alprazolam)

Furthermore, Imaan has walked the ramp for some of the most reputed brands in the industry like Givenchy, Versace, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and many more.

In her 2020 Elle interview, Imaan claimed she was trying her luck in the music industry. At the time, she was already taking guitar lessons. Also, the gorgeous model cited Umm Kulthum as her inspiration.

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Imaan Hammam Boyfriend, Dating, Married

As of Sept 2020, Imman Hammam wasn’t married. Thus, she had nobody special to call her husband.

About Imaan’s dating life, many rumors had spread towards early 2020 assuming she was dating famous rapper Drake. A couple of days before Imaan’s performance on New York Fashion Week, Drake was seen coming out of Imaan’s house.

A few days later, in New York Fashion Week, Drake seemed to cozy with the model and the couple seemed to love spending time with each other.


Imaan Hammam and the rumored boyfriend Drake on New York Fashion Week 2020 (PC:

It was, however, never proved that Drake was Imaan’s boyfriend. Drake had just reconciled with his previous girlfriend, Rihanna, just about a month before. And some sources seemed to have confirmed that Drake and Imaan were not dating.

Drake was not the first celebrity to become the rumored-boyfriend of Imaan. Previously in 2016, Imaan was linked with British actor Dev Patel. In November 2018, Imaan and Dev Patel appeared together for a Vogue story.

The couple had great chemistry as they posed together for the story. This seemed to have activated the rumor mill and deemed Dev Patel as a possible boyfriend of Imaan.


Imaan Hammam and Dev Sparked dating rumors with intimate photos for Vogue circa 2016 (PC:

But it was never confirmed that Dev and Imaan ever dated.

Other than Dev Patel and Drake, Imaan did not seem to have too many suitors catching the public eye.

On Instagram though, Imaan recieved messages from men willing to buy her expensive things. To the proposals, she responded — “I have a job. I buy my own stuff.”

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Finding Love Online?

For Imaan Hammam, she enjoyed meeting potential partners in the old school way. In her words — “I believe relationships are better face-to-face.”

Plus, Imman admittedly avoided googling herself. She explained — “All kinds of people say bad stuff about you [on the internet]. People are always gonna talk. I can’t give them any energy. I’m too busy for that.”

Bio — From Parents To Measurements

On 5th October 1996, Imaan Hammam was born to parents: Mbarka Belouta (father) and Abdelhamid Hammam (mother). She grew up with a sibling named Aicha Hammam.

To mention her ethnicity, Imman flaunts Moroccan and Egyptian descent. As stated earlier, she is Dutch. Moreover, she practices Islam.

A native of Amsterdam, Imaan stands 5 feet 10.5 inches height. Similarly, her measurements read 32-24-35 inches. Meanwhile, she owns brown eyes and hair.

By Sept 2020, Imaan had accumulated around 1 million Instagram followers. Likewise, some 21 thousand followed him on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

DNA Models, Viva Paris, Why Not Model Management, and Viva Barcelona represented Imaan in New York, Paris, Milan, London, and Barcelona respectively.

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