Arnie Anderson is a professor at LA City College who taught Film Production, Sound, Lighting, and Camera. He is also a professional production sound mixer. However, he was most well-known for being the husband of a famous American actress Conchata Ferrel.

Arnie recently came into the limelight when his wife of 34 years died, and the tributes started to come from everywhere. Read the article below to know more about the bereaved husband.

Arnie Anderson Age, Birthday, Zodiac

When it came to details about Arnie’s birthday, the exact date was not known. However, according to some sources on the internet, his age was 77.

Since Arnie’s exact birthday was not known, his zodiac sign was also not known.

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Arnie Anderson Wiki — Family, Early Life, Nationality

Again, as with his birthday, very little known about his early life. From whatever information, there was about his early life, Arnie was born in a family of American nationality. It was also highly likely that Arnie was born and raised in California, as he attended Montebello High School in Montebello, California.

Also, he studied Film as a student. While it was not known which college he went to for his undergraduate studies, he went to the University of Southern California for his graduate studies. Arnie did an MFA in Film Production at the University of Southern California and graduated in the year 1977.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Arnie Anderson was a very short guy and stood at a height of only 5 ft 7 inches. However, he was a heavyset person and weighted over 82 kgs.

His distinct features included his long white beard, greyed hair, large glasses, and a wise old smile on his lips.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Arnie did not seem that keen about social media. Even after a thorough search of the internet, the authors could not find his Instagram or Twitter.

The authors did find his Facebook. But even on Facebook, his timeline was empty and his friends-list was kept private.

Arnie Anderson Net Worth, Job, Movies

Now, let us about Arnie’s professional career. After studying film production at the University of Southern California, Arnie went on to work in movies. Although, none of the films he worked on got any recognition.

On the other hand, when he was still in graduate school, he had played a minor role in a documentary called The California Reich.

Almost 20 years after graduating, he went on to utilize his skills in film production in a teaching job. In 1997, Arnie joined Los Angeles City College as a professor of film production, especially sound mixing and production.

According to his students, Arnie was a good teacher. On an online professor rating site, Arnie had an average rating of 3.4 over 5.

According to the sources on the internet, Arnie’s net worth was over $3 million. On the other hand, his wife Conchata’s net worth was over $150 million.

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Arnie Anderson & Conchata Ferrell: Dating, Wedding, Daughter

Now the aspect, Arnie was most famous for, his wife Conchata Ferrel. Arnie and Conchata met in 1979. After dating for a long time, almost seven years, Arnie Anderson married Conchata Ferrel in 1986.

However, before the wedding bells were ringing, Arnie and Conchatta already had a daughter called Samantha. In fact, they only had a wedding because their daughter wanted them married.


Arnie Anderson with his wife Conchata Ferrel posing on a red carpet (PC:

Apart from Samantha, Arnie also had two daughters, Lisa and Caitlin, from a previous relationship. Conchata accepted both of her step-daughters gracefully.

Arnie and Conchata were together for over 34 years before Conchata died on 12 October 2020 after a cardiac arrest. Conchata was 77 years of age at the time of her death. Before her death, Arnie had taken care of her. When she was suffering from some illness in 2019, he stood by her side and cared for her.

However, when Conchata was on her death bed, Arnie could not be by her side because of COVID restrictions. She first fell ill in May 2020 and she was subsequently hospitalized then admitted to ICU. She eventually died in October 2020, after struggling for months. May she rest in peace.

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