People might not consider carpentry among the dignified jobs, but Ryan Eldridge turned his carpentry into not only the source of modest income but that of worldwide fame and a shitload of money.

Ryan and the company are part of DIY Network’s reality show Maine Cabin Masters. Read more in the Ryan Eldridge wiki below!

Ryan Eldridge Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ryan Eldridge was born on 7 November 1974, which meant he was 46 years of age as of February 2021.

And, having his birthday on the 7th of November, Ryan’s zodiac sign was Scorpio.

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Ryan Eldridge Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

According to his Facebook profile, Ryan Eldridge’s hometown was Gardiner, Maine. However, he was currently residing in Farmingdale, Maine in 2021.

Furthermore, his Facebook profile also had some information about his family. He was born to his father Kyle Thomas and his mother Paula Bellavance Thomas. And Ryan had two siblings, a sister, Kali McKinney, and a brother, Rhett Eldridge.

Ryan’s mother is a government official and works at the Maine state legislature.

We do not know where Ryan went for his education. But his sister went to the School of Phish. So, it was likely that Ryan also went there for his school education.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ryan Eldridge stands at an average height of 5 ft and 11 inches. And in 2021, he weighed about 89 kgs, give or take.

Ryan had rather distinct features. He wore his hair long and ragged. His eyes were narrow, opening in just slits. He had a long French-cut beard, which was starting to grey.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ryan had the okay-ish following on social media. On Instagram, he enjoyed 9.9k followers, which he had earned with 257 posts. On Twitter, he entertained only 1k followers. He also had Facebook and he had over 4.8k friends on Facebook.

Ryan Eldridge Net Worth, Maine Cabin Masters, Job

Gun to his head, and if asked what his job was, Ryan would have answered: carpentry. However, that would be a very reductive answer. Yes, Ryan was a carpenter, but not an ordinary carpenter.

If there were ever celebrity carpenters, Ryan would be the biggest of them all. Ryan had appeared on Maine Cabin Masters. In the show, Kennebec Cabin Company, which includes Ryan, his wife (Ashley Morrill), his brother-in-law (Chase Morrill), and a couple of other craftsmen, work on the restoration and renovation of cabins in Maine.

Maine Cabin Masters had run for five seasons as of no2 and a new sixth season had only just started from 1 February 2021. Ryan was back in the new season as well, and so is his wife and brother-in-law.

According to the reports, the business of Kennebec Cabin Company actually got better during the pandemic as more and more people were opting for quiet off-the-grid lives in cabins.

Furthermore, the reports also said that the company can profit up to $30 thousand from a single project. Also, Rya n Eldridge’s net worth, as of now, was about $860 thousand.

PS: Ryan had recently started his own podcast with his crewmates from Maine Cabin Master called From the Woodshed.

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Ryan Eldridge & Ashley Morrill: Dating, Wedding, Kids

We have already stated, Ryan was married to his wife, Ashley Morrill. Ashley is also a part of Kennebec Cabin Company and Maine Cabin Masters. Ashley is a designer and handled the artistic part of cabin construction.

If you want to know more about Ashley, her father’s name was Eric Morrill and her mother’s name was Peggy Morril. She also had a brother called Chase Morrill. Her father, who died of cancer in 2014, taught her and her brother, Chase, about cabins and renovations.

Ryan and Ashley married each other in July 2014. Interestingly, Ryan proposed for the wedding after a Willie Nelson show. Willie is also Ashley’s favorite musician. The exact date of the proposal was not known. In 2020, they celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

In 2021, they also celebrated the third anniversary of Ryan making his wedding band tattoo. Ashley had her own wedding band tattoo which she had made only recently.


Ryan Eldridge and his wife celebrating the third anniversary of his making wedding band tattoo circa January 2021 (PC: Ryan’s IG)

In the six years since their wedding, Ryan and Ashley had not had any kids of their own. However, Ryan was quite close with his brother-in-law’s little daughter.

Ryan and Ashley share a very jocular, very fun relationship. During an interview, Ryan even went on to say that Ashley was the messiest person he knew. And Ashley agreed.

That shows that Ryan and Ashley are very comfortable with each other, they know each other and can take each other’s quirks.

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