If you do not know about I love a Mama’s Boy, it was a show about the relationship between a couple and the guy’s closer-than-normal mother. If you are into cringy relationships, you might find the relationship between Stephanie Ressler and Mike Boornazian very interesting.

And if you want to know about Stephanie Ressler and how deals with her boyfriend’s mother, read the article below.

Stephanie Ressler Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Stephanie Ressler was born on 24 February 1994, which meant she was 26 years of age as of October 2020.

Having her birthday on 24 February, Stephanie’s zodiac sign was Pisces.

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Stephanie Ressler Wiki: Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Stephanie was born in her hometown of Hillsdale, New Jersey to parents: Anita and Farley Ressler. According to his Facebook profile, Stephanie’s father, Farley went to the University of Hartford and worked as a Senior Lending Officer at Bank of America.

Her mother Stephanie’s Facebook profile was much less informative. According to the information in her profile, she worked at Kate Spade New York and had previously worked for J. Jill. What kind of work she did for either of the company was not known.

Stephanie’s parents still lived in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Apart from her parents, Stephanie had two siblings in her family; a brother named Dan and a sister called Amanda Rose. Stephanie and Dan were twins. Also, Dan was a professional wrestler and was part of Roger Williams University‘s wrestling team.

Stephanie’s other sibling was her look-alike. The two sisters looked almost the same. Furthermore, Amanda was engaged to a guy called Tyler in October 2019. There was no information on whether or not they had had their wedding yet. But it was most likely that the wedding had still not happened.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Stephanie Ressler was a moderately tall woman, who stood at a height of 5 ft 7 inches. Also, she was very slim, almost bordering on being underweight. She weighed around 49 kgs.

Stephanie was young and curvy with the body measurements reading 34-24-34 inches.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Stephanie had a decent presence on social media. However, that decent size of her following might very soon swell as the newer episodes of her show, I Love a Mama’s Boy air.

On Instagram, she had a total of 574 posts (as of 24 October 2020) and with that had earned almost 5.5k followers. Most of her posts were solo shots of herself posing in various dresses. Either that or the pictures of herself with her friends or with her boyfriend.

On Twitter, Stephanie was almost non-existent as a celebrity, with a mere 333 followers. She did not have a Facebook page, but her profile was still vibrant with various pictures of herself in fancy dress and captures of her time with friends and families.

Stephanie Ressler Job, Net Worth, Education

Talking about her profession, first, let’s talk about her education. Stephanie got her college education from Roger Williams University, just like her brother. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

Even when she was still getting her education, Stephanie interned for various media platforms like WPRI Media, Hawk the Vote, etc. She also worked as a production assistant and runner for CBS corporation.

Her first job after college was of release co-ordinator for Viacom in Greater New York City Area. She worked on that job for just 2 months.

Currently, she was working for NBC Universal. Stephanie joined NBC Universal in 2016. In the beginning, Stephanie worked as a production assistant. In 2017, she was working the job of an associate producer for the talk show, Maury. Since 2019, she had been working as a Segment Producer for Maury.

According to the sources, the average salary for a Segment Producer in NBC Universal was $77k. Other sources estimate Stephanie Ressler’s net worth to be around $150 thousand.

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Stephanie Ressler & Mike Boornazian: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

Before 2020, Stephanie was a normal person going about her job and dating. In October 2020, TLC’s new show, I Love a Mama’s Boy premiered, and Stephanie together with her boyfriend, Mike Boornazian became celebrities.

Stephanie met Mike on the job circa 2018. Like Stephanie, Mark also worked as a Segment Producer for NBC Universal. Later, the two of them moved in together and are set to be engaged real soon.


Stephanie Ressler and her boyfriend Mike Boornazian celebrating their two years together circa April 2020 (PC: Stephanie’s IG)

However, there appeared one little problem in their otherwise perfect relationship: Mike’s mother.

As you know from the show’s premise, Mike was very close to his mother. His father died when he was a little kid, and his mother raised him on her own. His mother was his closest buddy and often went out for a beer together.

Of course, Stephanie understood the closeness and wanted her mother-in-law’s blessings before getting engaged. But she was finding the constant presence (either in person or on phone) of Mike’s mother in their life a bit difficult to digest.

If the wedding were to ring, Mike and Stephanie need to address Mike’s mother-issues.

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