Anwar Zayden was the wildman who earned a reputation across Miami because of his lifestyle. He loved horses, was a bodybuilder and took care of his body, was popular with women, and had a bank account with no limit.

Moreover, Anwar stole real estate mogul Thomas Kramer’s Arabian Nights themed party when he arrived on a horse. So, who is this man, and how he could afford the life of affluence? scroll down to learn more about him!

Anwar Zayden Cause Of Death, Obituary

Anwar Zayden, who lived quite an eccentric and clearly a life without bound, passed away on 19 May 2020. All who were familiar with him flooded his social media’s comment section. However, no official obituary was issued for him.

But even after Anwar’s death, his social media is active and has a moderator who controls all of the posts. His Instagram in particular attempted on giving out all details and the whole idea about the kind of life he lived.

However, only one of the users from Twitter revealed what happened to Anwar. As he went into detail, Anwar Zayden apparently broke his leg and suffered a blood clot because of the injury that transpired.

Biography — Origin, Nationality, Where Was He From?

Talking about his origin, Anwar Zayden was of Lebanese descent. Before Fidel Castro stirred conversations, his parents lived in Cuba.

Fidel was born to his father Alfredo and his mother Graciella, who were from a wealthy background. While his father ran an export/import business, his mother was the daughter of a construction businessman.

After the store of Alfredo got burnt down by militants in 1958, his parents moved to the United States. As they settled in Miami, they started their new life where Anwar’s parents had him.

Anwar Zayden had five siblings and financial difficulty which hit the family in particular. Even though his father found a job at the CIA and traveled and lived all over the world, they still struggled to make their ends meet.

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Anwar Zayden Net Worth, Miami Vice, Miami’s Wildman

All thanks to Anwar Zayden, he was able to turn the life around of his folks. He returned to Miami from Spain at the age of 18 and started his own business. He also made a name for himself as a bull rider and cash prizes.

Moreover, Anwar was introduced to the framing trade which he learned and saw growth in the business which thrived well because of his looks and showmanship.

Not only that, but Anwar’s reputation around Miami also earned him a part in the movie Miami Vice. He went on to do a Calvin Klein campaign and a huge amount of wealth to even buy expensive cars such as Rolls-Royce.

With the stability and fortune Anwar earned back home, he eventually brought his parents and siblings back to the states.

Anwar did everything imaginable which represented wealth from pilot a plane, captain a yacht, and many more. He was also captured in a picture along with Sylvester Stallone, George H. W. Bush, Shaquille O’Neal, Paris Hilton, Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, Alex Rodriguez, and numerous others.

As of 2020, Anwar Zayden had a total net worth of at least $20 million, all put together.

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Anwar Zayden Wife, Married, Children

With the sizable wealth, good looks, and intriguing life, Anwar Zayden attracted beautiful women. And the list also included Yolanda Foster Hadid. The pair lived a blissful life and he expected him to wife Yolanda.

On one of the social media posts where Anwar wrote, that he and Yolanda fell in love with each other. And he had given his all to her but, in the end, she broke his heart. And from that point on, Anwar changed his way of life and became a playboy.

As his social media suggested, Anwar never married anyone. And as it turned out, he never had any kids.

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