Courtney Roker rose to fame as the daughter of Al Roker.

To those unfamiliar with Al, he is an iconic weather forecaster, broadcast journo and many other things. What’s more, the Queens, New York-native joined NBC in 1978 and went on to announce weather on the network’s “Today.”

Tag along and learn Courtney’s bio and wiki essentials. Moreover, get an insight into her height, age, and job details. In the process, read about her mother and married life with her husband.

Courtney Roker Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In the late Spring of 2021, Courtney Roker turned 33 years of age. Additionally, she is an Aries and celebrated her birthday on the 14th of May every calendar year.

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Courtney Roker Wiki — Mom, Siblings, Ethnicity

Courtney Roker inherited mixed ethnicity — African-American genes from dad Al Roker and Caucasian ancestry from mom Alice Bell. Al and Alice — a WBNC producer — married in 1984. Following 10 years together as a married couple, they got divorced.

After separating from Alice, Al married Deborah Roberts. Together, they went on to have two kids: Leila and Nicholas Albert. Interestingly, Courtney and her siblings maintained a good relationship.

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Courtney Roker Job, Net Worth, Career 

Because both of her parents were in the business of broadcast journalism, many expected Courtney Roker to take a similar career path. Surprising everyone, she became a trained chef.

Speaking about Courtney’s passion, Al Roker once said:

“Courtney always liked to cook. She loved food presentation, too. I remember when she was 6 or 7, she would go out and pick flowers to decorate the plate.”

As of 2020, Courtney Roker held the job title of recipe developer at “Chefman.” From the gig, she pocketed a respectable salary that added to her $750 thousand net worth. In contrast, her father possessed a $60 million fortune.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Courtney Roker doesn’t appear any taller than five feet and five inches in height. Furthermore, she owned enviable measurements while maintaining around 58 kg weight.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Of the three main social media platforms, Courtney Roker seemed most active on Instagram. By April 2020, the beloved chef garnered 7.8 thousand followers.

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Courtney Roker Engaged, Dating, Husband

Courtney Roker married her husband, Wesley Laga tied the knot on 4th June 2021. The following day, she documented her wedding. Posting photos from their big day via Instagram, Courtney wrote:

“Last night was beyond anything I could ever imagine. I celebrated my love for my husband and felt the love from everyone. My heart is filled with happiness and filled with joy. And I gotta say my husband’s dance moves ain’t too shabby 😆. Now on to the honeymoon ❤️”

Al Roker, Courtney’s father, also took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone. He uploaded a throwback picture of her with his parents and the latest photo of them.

In April 2020, Courtney and Wesley Laga became engaged. Via Instagram, she shared the joyous news.

In the said IG post, Courtney thanked future husband Wesley for making her “partner in crime for life.”

If not for the global Coronavirus pandemic, Courtney further divulged she and her fiance Wesley would’ve been in Paris, France.


Courtney with fiance Wesley Laga (Pic – Courtney’s IG)

While still dating, Courtney labeled Wesley — her boyfriend at the time — one of three important men in her life. Her father and brother completed the other two.

Going by his IG profile, Wesley identified as a performer, director, theatre teacher, DJ, and optimist. Interestingly, Wesley first popped on Courtney’s IG in March 2019. They officially began dating a month earlier.

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