After George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, protestors flooded the street of major cities demanding justice for him. Soon after, the protests took a chaotic turn leaving the local authorities helpless.

During that time several prominent figures addressed the issues and few of them were very interesting including that of the president of Minneapolis police union, Lt Bob Kroll. He labeled George a “Violent Criminal” and called the protestors terrorists.

Bob faced criticism for his remarks and along with that, people turned their heads to his wife Liz Collin, a prominent news anchor at WCCO-TV. This wiki-article helps unravel details on her career path, net worth, and her life as a married woman.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Liz Collin was born on 10 July 1982. In July of 2019, she turned 37 years old while celebrating her birthday.

Per her date of birth, she hailed Cancer as her zodiac sign.

Liz Collin Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Liz Collin was born to her father Bill Collin and her mother Jane Collin. Her lesser-known parents raised her in her hometown of Worthington, Minnesota.

Besides names, no further details on her parents caught the public attention. And that included further details on her other family members including her possible siblings.

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Liz Collin Height, Weight, Measurements

Liz Collin checked off all the necessary attributes to establish a career as a TV reporter. Not only she is a brain, but also a beauty which made her even more intriguing to have around.

The TV journo stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) with a bodyweight of  51 kilograms (112 lbs).

Moreover, her measurement of 34-26-36 inches helped accentuate her desirable looks.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

In 10 years of career as a TV reporter and anchor, her social media reach grew along with her burgeoning fame. However, not all of her social media platforms gave access to the visitors of her social media.

More on that, she owned a verified Instagram account with 2543 followers. However, the platform was kept private restricting access into her personal life represented on her 200 posts.

On the contrary, her Twitter account was accessible. The platform boasted 10.8k followers at the time of penning this wiki-article based on her life. Compared to the former, she seemed heavily active on the platform.

Likewise, she also had a verified Facebook account with 40k+ followers at the same time.

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Liz Collin Net Worth, Salary, Education

At a young age when most kids are watching cartoons and other kid-friendly programs, Liz spent her time watching the news with her grandparents. In a way, they instilled her love for journalism growing up.

Daily Globe, a news network covered a piece of news about a 10-year-old girl and her friends starting a newspaper. As it turned out, it was none other than Liz. She and her friends were selling it for 15 cents in her neighborhood. (Tramadol) Furthermore, she even got interviewed for that story.

In her high school year, she landed an opportunity to work with Trojan News. She cited the time as a work that laid the groundwork for her growth.

At 15, Liz gained the first-hand experience in news broadcasting while working with Worthington radio station. She attended and graduated from Worthington High School in 2000.

Following graduation, she moved to Florida to join the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to enroll for the 18-month broadcast program. While there, she also got the opportunity to work for CNN and NBC.

Over the years as a journalist, Liz also traveled to different places. Her on-air gig started at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She debuted her career covering a tornado that hit southern Minnesota.

Later, Liz relocated to Wichita, Kansas. Around that time, she completed her college education at Wichita State University and worked as a morning news anchor at KWCH-TV.

In 2008, she moved back to her home town and started working for WCCO-TV.

As of 2020, her an average salary of $83,378 per annum contributed to her burgeoning net worth. She is estimated to worth about $650,000.

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Liz Collin Husband, Kids, Married

Liz Collin indulged herself in a serious relationship as an adult when she met Joe Sheeran. As it turned out, she met him while she landed a TV reporter gig in Sioux Falls at KDLT.

The Emmy-winning journo and her Philadelphia-native husband tied knots in 2004. Later, they moved to Philly to stay close to his family and for better opportunities.

In 2012, Liz announced her pregnancy news. In the same year, they welcomed their first-born Anthony.

Though Liz and her son moved to Minnesota, Joe started as a political communication stayed back because of the election season at the time.

Sadly, Liz and her husband divorced without any disclosing the reason behind it. Even though Liz seems to be taking the custody of her son, the arrangement hasn’t been made public.

Later, Liz met her second-husband Bob Kroll in Minnesota. But the couple maintained a private relationship and kept their wedding details as a secret.

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