Her “dad” is an iconic rap figure who many deemed “misogynistic” and incapable of fathering a son — much less a daughter. All the negative connotations surrounding her father’s never fazed her.

Without any delay, let’s ravel in Javoni Christina’s wiki-style biography!

Javoni Christiana Wiki, Age, Mother

Javoni Christiana was born to mother Erica Escarcega and a biological father with the last name DaCosta.

After her parents separated, her mom Erica married West Coast rapper Too Short in 2000. Unsurprisingly, Too Short’s real-life “playa” persona severely impacted their marriage. As of November 2019, court documents proving their divorce didn’t exist.

Too Short maybe a horrible husband but always a great dad-figure to Javoni. He often introduced her as “my daughter” on Twitter.


Javoni Christiana with Too Short circa pre-2016 (Pic- VladTV)

Javoni bears all the features of a woman belonging to Afro-Latino ethnicity. With regards to age, she appears to be in her 20s (as of 2019).

A Baltimore, Maryland-native, Javoni later settled in Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, talking about siblings, Javoni seems to have one. Often on Instagram, she flaunts her niece (possibly a daughter of her sister who got married in 2017).

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Welcoming A “Sister”

In December 2018, Javoni Christiana became a big sister after her “father” Too Short and on-and-off partner Sue Ivey gave birth to a daughter named Yanni Shaw.

Yanni’s existence didn’t hit the limelight until late-September 2018. Admittedly, Too Short and Sue wanted to introduce Yanni via a documentary.

Previously, Too Short shared romantic ties with Monica Payne and Karrine Steffans.

Javoni Christiana Job, Net Worth

Javoni Christiana wasn’t born into the life of excess — she grew up in it. She essentially reaped the benefits of her father’s rap endeavors.

Meanwhile, a 2019 report placed Too Short’s net worth at around $15 million.

Given Javoni’s background, there’s no compulsion for her to get a job. Her dad’s net worth is all the financial backing she needs.

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Javoni Christiana Boyfriend, Dating

A deeply private person, Javoni Christiana refrains from sharing photos of her boyfriends on social media. Her lack of public dating life, in turn, draws wild speculations.

As opposed to decorating her Instagram with potential husband prospects, Javoni fills her profile with snaps from her travels and gym sessions.

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