Reality television, now and then, has no doubt been the platform many people for sudden fame and exposure of talent. However, some reality TV projects are more about broadcasting people’s life, after adding some drama and controversies, to it. And, they are thriving too, in seeking a very big audience.

Here we talk about 90 Day Fiancé, a TLC’s documentary-reality series. The show revolves around couples who have applied for or already received a k-1 visa— the uniquely availed visa to foreign spouses of American citizens.

Each pair, who already signed documents affirming they have pledged to marry each other, have a total of ninety days to get married. The series debuted circa 2014 and, so far, famously ran for several renewals.

Lisa Hamme too participated in the show during its fourth season that aired for the first time on 23rd February 2020.

Was Lisa able to get along with her fiance, in those 90 days?

Keep reading and find out all about Lisa’s wiki (bio), job, and net worth, as well.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Lisa Hamme was born and raised in New York, Pennsylvania, United States. As of 2020, she was 52 years old.

By the time, her birthday and zodiac sign remained unheard of.\

Lisa Hamme Wiki — Parents, Family, Siblings

So far, Lisa Hamme never mentioned her family background, parents, or siblings.

Therefore, the fact that she lived with was quite unclear. She did not seem to have kids and having already reached her fifties, having kids is almost impossible, even if she plans to have one in her life.

Lisa Hamme Job, Net Worth

Coming to her line of work, Lisa Hamme held the job of a hospice nurse. For her excursion, she pocketed around $80 thousand every year in salary. The earnings, in turn, cemented her $1.5 million net worth.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

The fifties did not take away all of Lisa’s beauty and charms. She looked lovely in her short blonde hair.

Moreover, Lisa Hamme stood around 5 feet 7 inches in height. Likewise, her weight surpassed 65 kilograms.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter

Lisa Hamme stirred up quite some controversies since being part of the show. She was quite active on her social media; mostly Instagram with more than 112k followers as of June 2020.

Also, she had many people following her on Twitter.

Lisa Hamme & Usman Umar On “90 Day Fiance”

Lisa Hamme, an American citizen, who went overseas in Nigeria to find love— all the while hoping to make it work with her online love-interest Usman Umar, 22 years younger in age than her.

Usman was then pursuing a musical career in Nigeria under the performing-name, ‘SojaBoy’.

Lisa met Usman online after he slid into her Facebook’s DM. Eventually, he proposed her via video chat. Lisa explained on the show:

“About nine months into the relationship, Usman had called me on video, and he said, ‘Baby love, will you marry me?’ I was like, ‘What did you just say?’ He said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said, ‘I’m accepting your proposal under the stipulation that it’s temporary because I want it to be in person.”

They were the most popular couple on the show and fans had their theories and speculations on Lisa-Usman’s relationship; such that marrying Lisa was Usman’s ticket to America— that he was wanting to expand his career and fame outside of Nigeria. While on the contrary, there were also comments like Lisa was constantly controlling, verbal-abusing him out of insecurity and jealousy, and Usman, therefore, deserved better.


90 Day Fiance couple Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar, seen together on 6th April 2020 (Pic: Lisa’s IG)

Meanwhile, Lisa’s Instagram told the otherwise story— she was oftentimes spotted in good terms with him. However, over time, the duo’s relationship deteriorated.

Making the matter worse, Usman accused Lisa of threatening suicide if he didn’t marry her. Furthermore, he admitted to going through the wedding for a chance to be in America.

Usman then claimed Lisa called him the N-word and using homophobic slurs against him. For her part, Lisa acknowledged using the N-words but also apologized for it. She even cried during her apology.

In an early-June IG post, Lisa hinted she and Usman were no longer together. She accused the Nigeran hunk of using her. Responding to her claims, Usman asserted he wasn’t a scammer.

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Lisa Hamme Daughter, Ex-Husband, Divorce

Before Usman, Lisa Hamme went through a challenging marriage with her ex-husband. The report from the York Dispatch, dated 2016, suggested that he even threatened to kill her. It said her long-estranged husband seemingly chased Lisa with his car and when she left the place for her safety, the man kept following her in his car. He tried to cut her off— drove at her directly and yelled— “I’m going to kill you”.

The Southwestern Regional Police Chief also confirmed that there had been many other likewise incidents when the officers had been called to resolve disputes between the couple.

All been said, it seemed Lisa had a daughter with her ex-husband. Also, there was no clue on when they agreed on a divorce.

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